Favourite Characters of Fallen London

I’m curious. We all have our favourites on the development team.

Personally, I love the Bishop of Southwark. He’s the most bombastic and proactive of the characters associated with the Church, who tend to be more mild, and his schemes are so deranged the only real response to them is to stand up and applaud. Plus he’s hilarious. Who doesn’t like a good wrestle?

What about you? Who are your favourite characters in the game (minor or major) and why?

I’ve mentioned liking the Duchess and Widow quite a bit because of how sympathetic yet unnerving they are, but I also have to tip my hat to Jack-of-Smiles. He’s so delightfully mad. Any and all of the Masters are also pretty awesome, the game does a good job of making them enigmatic yet unique. Little things, like Mr. Wines getting “drunk” off music or the taciturn Mr. Iron and his impressive ambidexterity, are very effective in that regard.

For me, it’s the sad sisters of Hunter’s Keep – I have a thing for stories about storytelling and for mythological allusions, so there’s a plot that was written for me. I also feel as though I really gotten to know them – baking with Lucy or listening to Phoebe play the violin as the dramatic tension rose – without ever knowing them at all. They remained mysteries, but intimate mysteries.

I’m not very far, so I haven’t seen much. Most of the characters I’ve seen are generally one-off characters, such as the various seduction options (My person favorite being the melancholy curate and his “sister”.)

As far as major characters go, my favorite is one of the few I’ve run into at my stage of the game: The Eater-of-chains. I just love the horror of something chasing me down in my dreams.

The Barbed Wit! Oh, I swooned and sighed over her. It was the most satisfying romance I’ve ever enjoyed in Fallen London, and I was terribly sad to see it end.

Oh, the Duchess, without a doubt. And the Artist’s Model - reader, I married her. (I may be biased there, as my actual wife is an actual painter who she rather resembles.) My Rattus Faber friends. The Kashmiri Princesses. And the Thunder.

I can’t say I’ve seen much content yet, but the characters I’m more interested in knowing better are the Duchess and the Cheesemonger (I’m on her trail already). Special mention to the Sulky Bat: for being, technically, just a piece of equipment, he is remarkably fleshed out in the Opportunity card he unlocks XD

I am still making my way from acquaintance to friend for many but I find I enjoy the company of the Quiet Deviless.

A Lady of new friends

Winston P. Aberforth, rattus faber property manager of most gentlemanly and verbose manner, who displayed unexpected courage, cunning, and tragic history during the war against the secret lord of London’s rats. But he’s one of a kind, he is.

As for characters I didn’t make up, the Wry Functionary is always a charmer. And I will second the Bishop of Southwark, for essentially being a professional wrestler in a cassock.

[quote=Patrick Reding]Winston P. Aberforth, rattus faber property manager of most gentlemanly and verbose manner, who displayed unexpected courage, cunning, and tragic history during the war against the secret lord of London’s rats. But he’s one of a kind, he is.

As for characters I didn’t make up, the Wry Functionary is always a charmer. And I will second the Bishop of Southwark, for essentially being a professional wrestler in a cassock.[/quote]

Ah yes, the Wry Functionary. Surprisingly endearing, in his odd way.

The Regretful soldier’s tale always leaves me feeling somewhat odd, in a very melancholy way, even after…well, you can do him a favour. Let’s just say that. I enjoy the odd occurring of his drunkedness early on, and finding out more about him later. He just seems so… approachable.

My other favourite is the Silk-Clad Expert, for all her elegant oddity and reserved charm. For her hunger for eyes (mine in particular). She’s a classy lady, and I’m sorry I sent her off.

The Duchess is a very interesting character. I hope we’ll learn more about her later on.

As for the Acquaintances, I rather like the Repentant Forger. Not only do I respect artists in general, he seems to be a decent guy, and honestly wants to turn his life around. I respect that. I also like the Wry Functionary, I guess because he reminds me a bit of myself. :p

(Oh, and gimme kitty! While we’re on the topic, I do consider the Starveling Cat to be a rather interesting character, actually, mostly because it seems to be related to the darker secrets of the Neath that I so relish.)
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There are many characters that are fun, funny, curious and sly, but for my money the most interesting are those who make their presence felt in absence. Of the mortals, Clathermont’s wife is my current front runner - it is obvious she is deeply involved in the Game, but not at all apparent what her current role is, let alone her whereabouts or her purposes there. Has she a hidden route back to the Surface? Does she conspire with more temporal powers against the Masters and their thievery, or is she their pawn (well, more probably a knight or queen)? Where Alice was rather off her Game, for all her reputation, Clathermont’s wife seems at the peak of her influence. In the category of slightly-less(or more)-than-mortal, I have to go with the Creature Underneath the Palace. What is it? What was it? How came it to be imprisoned, and by whom? What purpose can they possibly intend for it, and what Secrets can it tell of Parabola? And of the Masters, while I confess a certain insane fascination with Mr. Eaten, I think Mr. Mirrors edges him out just barely. He’s never seen, never heard from, the Hall of Mirrors is both deadly and fascinating, reputed to be his domain and yet cannot possibly be, for a Master? At a Carnival? Given the dominion other Masters display over their set realm, and the connections between Nightmares, the Royal Bethlehem, Parabola, the Glass and the aforementioned creatures, Mirrors is clearly a power behind the scenes, and aptly enough, those who seek his mysteries find only themselves, searching…

Oh, and as I do harvest a certain insane fascination for Mr. Eaten -

Gimme kitty!


I have quite a few favorite characters, especially from the university—these are almost certainly SPOILERS, so I’m whiting out the text:
The Assistant Deputy Librarian: a woman so dedicated to the preservation of old books that she’s willing to enforce the rules of the library by any means necessary. Now that’s my kind of woman.

The Consumptive Cryptozoologist: one of the game’s truest scientists, willing to conduct experiments on phrenology students, and so dedicated to science that she’s willing to publish exciting new research that might just incriminate her in a murder.

The Circumcellion Brotherhood: back from the days of the crusades! I love how, if they’re successful, you kill them; if you’re successful, you chase them away before they can die.
(also, gimme kitty — my ebz twitter is @dinodude98)

I’ll give a shoutout to the Once Dashing Smuggler over here! I loved how the descriptions of the courtship are rather…sensuous (my character especially cherishes their time batwatching together). I like to think that my character received the tomb colonist poetry mentioned in Doubt Street from the smuggler, and that she hopes her editorial treatise on the mythological aspects of his work can rekindle their romance…

I guess everyone has their favorite ebz romantic interest, and the smuggler is by far my favorite…definitely the only person my character would consider settling down with, as scandalous as it may be. For now, she is content visiting him when her scandal gets too high and spending long evenings not talking.

Another favorite of mine is Edward, the villain in the Light Fingers ambition. I love the whole ambition tale, but Edward really shines as a creepy yet multidimensional villain. I especially love the scene where the player goes to the stargazing roustabout’s quarters and finds Edward there, and looks into the depths of his “pleading” milky blue eyes. Good stuff!

Oh and, gimme kitty!

Goodness, favourite characters. My vote would have to be for The Cheesemonger. That story built up wonderfully as we progressed and by its end I [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]wept[/color] for her time.
I love the Quiet Deviless too (actions notwithstanding, her art is quite delicious), and the Topsy King whose role in the Heart’s Desire Ambition was quite glorious.

Southwark is rather fantastic (do love the “why did it have to be snakes?!”), but I think I prefer the Tiger Keeper, who’s just so blasé about it all that he’s wonderful.

The Manager of the Royal Bethlehem has fascinated me ever since I first met him. There was a time when I had designs to seduce him, or at least make the attempt. However, in the course of my rather perfunctory journalistic career, I have uncovered a certain tidbit about him that makes me despair of ever capturing his interest. Alas. A lady can still dream, though, can she not? Ah yes, a lady can still dream…

The Duchess. When I happened to catch a glimpse of her true identity, I suddenly liked her a LOT more than I used to. Which is not to say I didn’t like her already, of course.

The Illuminated Gentleman. I only ever see him at Mr. Wines’ revels, but he most definitely makes his presence memorable. I’d love to have him as my Constant Companion (but don’t tell my current one I said that).

The Affectionate Devil. I ended up losing my soul to him–not on purpose–and have since gained it back and lost it again more times than I care to count, but he was the very first to claim it for his own. I wonder what he would say if he could see the sorry state the poor thing is in now…

Ah the affectionate devil. He has yet to claim my soul and as a member of a certain organization dedicated to the return of souls I should not be so cavalier with my own, but his attentions are oh-so seductive! He has yet to claim it but not for lack of trying.

Though I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Struggling Artist. I would prefer him as my companion to my dear Jewel Thief, though of him I remain passing fond.

And though less of a character and more of a myth before meeting and general hinderance afterwards, I am perversely fond of the Starveling Cat.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Sinning Jenny. The pillow talk in which Fallen Londoners engage must surely have driven her mad by now.
However my favorite character is the Tiger Keeper. He seems the consummate Victorian; keeping consummate watch over the safety of his charges and, in turn all of London. Deadly and knowledgeable, but with a kindness and respect. I can see him being a force to be reckoned with in both physical prowess and secrets of the damned.

The Manager has grown a lot more interesting since his connection to my Ambition became clear. Similarly for the Topsy King. Also: any and all Rubbery things.