Favors in the Flit/Certifiable Scraps

I’m trying to get favors from the Urchins, but whenever I go up to the Flit, the storylet to trade favors doesn’t appear. At first I thought this might be restricted by your Shadowy level (I’m in the mid-40’s), but I’m able to trade favors in Wolfstack Docks, where I am also underleveled in Dangerous. Is this a bug, or have the Urchins moved to other places to trade their favors.

On a side note: Are there any more reliable ways to get Certifiable Scraps other than Lodging Cards?

It’s an opportunity card now, rather than a fixed storylet.

On a related note: Have you tried cashing in connections with revolutionaries nowadays? At ~28.8 E it’s really OP.

For your scraps question - if you are a Scholar of the Correspondence there is an opportunity card that gives 4 scraps at SotC 9 I think it is only 2 scraps at the lower levels.

grumbled swearing

Which card is it? I study the Correspondence but my rank is only 6.

My main issue with obtaining Scraps is that the only places they can be found are in opportunity cards and Neighbor storylets, which I’ve done all of. Now that the Urchin favors (at 20 Scraps each, I believe) are gone, I’m feeling pretty bummed. I have nothing to do in the Flit yet anyways, so drawing my hand there is even more annoying.

OPG it is “The Correspondence Savages your Dreams” card - at your level I think the option is “call on the services of a Surface Academic” which gives 3 scarps or you can do the watchful option to increase your Scholar of the Correspondence up to 10

Actually a lot of the “invite” options on opportunity cards (pets for example) give varying numbers of scraps.

Huh. I guess I actually need to get friends, then. I’ve been having my dreams savaged for a while now, but I guess I’ll keep going until a cap or sumthin’.

Yeah, I never actually have any names in the drop-down menu when I look at that card. Guess I just don’t get to invite people

For that card you need to connect to Twitter/Facebook, since it invites someone from the surface rather than someone in the neath.

except I already HAVE connected with twitter. It’s not a big deal, I don’t care much for spamming people with invite anyway

Do you have any people added on Twitter who don’t play as well? If you do, this is probably a bug. I usually spam Dr Schlomo or one of the FL twitter accounts.

That’s a good idea - I was just spamming an agreeable non-playing friend.

An option on the Overgoat card (I’m told) gives them in huge quantities, but other than that the only ways to get them are from assorted opportunity cards (except one of the invite options from your lodgings, but it only gives you one per action)