Favors: Hell

What’s the easiest way to gain Favors: Hell? I’m trying to grind for Renown, and have a Brass Skull which should help, but I need to gain the Favors first and can’t seem to get my hands on any. I’m really trying to grind souls but the best option (in Spite) is locked for those under Renown 10

Have you exhausted the Devils at the Carnival yet?

You can switch your faction pet to hell’s to draw its card, which grants a favor.

The brass embassy suite lodging card has an option that grants one favor.

Attending parties lets you earn 3 hell favors each cycle, by playing the deviless card twice,at the beginning and end.

If you’re a Person of Some Importance, you can get 3 favors from the Polite Invitation card (you need to bring along a bottle of broken giant and 10 infernal contracts too.)

If your scandal is high enough and you have at least 4 Ruthless, you can get a favor from the Afternoon of Good Deeds? card (“An afternoon of mischief!” option).

Finally there is of course the Hell card.

I am a PoSI, and have exhausted options at the carnival. I believe carnival locks at Renown 5, and I need renown 10. I’ve got favors 2 right now, but I need 3 to trade for more renown.

Maybe I’m just not selecting the right option on the Hell cards I’ve received. It seems like I’m gaining everything but favors (or renown). Will try and see if I can get the Afternoon of Good Deeds card to pop up.

I remember when I needed to amass Favours: Hell… lemme see if I remember.

Of course I remember, I did it for two weeks straight. I will never get over why they spell &quotfavor&quot as 'favour&quot.

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Go to parties via &quotAn Invitation&quot opportunity card. It is a persuasion carousal.

  • You can gain 2 favours right from the get-go at Time Passing 6 if you draw &quotThe Brass Ambassador&quot op card and offer a bottle of Broken Giant.
  • You can gain 1 favour at the very end by the same op card in exchange for 10 Infernal Contracts.

Do scandalous things. Be ruthless 4 and choose &quotAn Afternoon of Mischief!&quot when faced with the scandal-related op card. This will gain 1 favour.

Attend lectures via the Burning Shadows op card. 1 favour.

I’m pretty sure these are the only repeatable options unless I missed some.

Because that’s how you spell it.

A while back we collected sources over at reddit if you want to take a look…

Thanks everyone! Maybe I’ll be able to get my renown with all your help!

British game, British(-ish) setting, British spelling.

British game, British(-ish) setting, British spelling.[/quote]
And technically, it’s Americans who spell &quotfavour&quot as &quotfavor&quot, and not the other way around, seeing as &quotfavour&quot is the original English spelling.

(speaking as a non-native English speaker… :-) )

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Since you are all here, honoured Neathians – how might I best accumulate more Infernal Contracts? They always seem to come in dribs and drabs, while souls are ten a penny…

Unfinished Business in Watchmaker’s Hill, contracts and legs.

Gives you infernal contracts at a rate of 1 echo/action worth of contracts, not great EPA but gives you what you need. You don’t need a huge collection of them.

Assuming one’s character is a POSI, of course.

If you feel like it, breeding a Tomb-Lion with Fungus and Pious Wrath will also give you 150.

Thank you, appreciated. So next time Scandal gets the better of one…!

Semi-serious answer: Watch out, people have been rebuked for less inflammatory &quotjokes.&quot

Serious answer: Eh, yes and no. And this is halfway addressed to dov, as well. While our dialect certainly isn’t the British dialect (or more accurately, dialects), the various dialects you find in England are hardly &quotoriginal English,&quot either. It’s rather misguided to say one group has it &quotright&quot because they live in the geographical area that the language formed in or live in the nation that shares a name with the language… especially when that language doesn’t have a central authority like certain other languages (though my Quebecois girlfriend would insist that doesn’t matter, either).

That being said, yeah, uh, Failbetter’s British, and so they use British dialect. Oh, I should add that I’m perfectly aware this conversation was composed mostly of joking, but I simply can’t pass up a good opportunity for a rant about common misconceptions.
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Remember: there is no ‘correct’ way to speak a language. They are all equally valid. What we consider ‘correct’ assumed the role due to a number of sociopolitical reasons.
Having said that, of course some strains of language seem better to our ear, or are more appropriate to certain circumstances, but this is on us - the language itself has no default.

Many of the phrases and words used by American English are actually the originals, so to speak, and it is British English that has generally changed. It probably isn’t true nowadays, but in the 19th and early 20th Centuries American English was more static and conservative, and British English was changing wildly. In Regency and Victorian times Americans were considered &quotquaint&quot in their language because of the old-fashioned way they talked.

Note how Americans use the word &quotholiday&quot properly, whereas us Brits have altered its meaning to encompass something entirely different.
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I’d say that definitely isn’t true anymore. American English has diverged from its roots, just in different ways from British. That’s without getting into specific dialects, like Appalachian or Gulf, which have a plethora of varying influences.

Nope, but there are wrong ones. I try not to be a pretentious stickler about language, but from time to time I do feel compelled to remind people adverbs exist.

Anywho, even if the original question has been pretty much answered, I dunno if we should take this derail too much further. I just had to open my mouth…
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