Favorite Story Arcs

The great thing about the Echo Bazaar is that there are so many stories intersecting and branching off. Some, inevitably, stick with us more than others. What are your favorites, and why?

[color=rgb(0, 0, 0)]The Intimate of Devils storyline was quite lovely and rewarding, but I found the ending (the process of retrieving one’s soul) to be rather unsatisfying. [/color]Personally, I still remember the Finder of Heiresses, which is impressive considering that it was quite long ago. Very ambiguous, very poetic, and it does an excellent job of setting the often bittersweet tone of love in Fallen London (which arguably counts as foreshadowing). The Cheesemonger is probably my favorite, for similar reasons. No matter what route you take to end it, it’s very striking. I still kind of wish [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]we could learn what became of Alice and her daughter, unless it’s covered somewhere and I simply have yet to encounter it, [/color][color=rgb(0, 0, 0)]but the way it ended was undeniably fitting, and it would be hard to continue it in a way that could do it justice.

On a less concrete note, the Gracious Widow and the Duchess are possibly my favorite characters. I haven’t really found any stories that deal with them in-depth as major characters, but they’re encountered, alluded to, and slowly revealed by many different storylets in a way that makes them seem like major components of the setting. There’s enough information given – through the Once-Dashing Smuggler’s arc, the University stories, the In Search of a Stiff Drink cards – to come to reasonable conclusions about them, and they have striking similarities, but both are still enigmatic. Having to choose between them in the matter of the Widow’s brandy was quite a hard choice.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of stories, but I think I’ll have to nominate the Mysterious Benefactor as a top favourite. The personalities involved, their histories and characters, and the bowler, dusters, shoes and sweets, are just so emblematic of Fallen London.

I’m partial to the Correspondence and pretty much anything involving the Bazaar’s strange obsession with love. I’d love to get to know some of the Masters a little better. Learning about the Rubbery Men is equally fascinating; I just love the idea of their amber. I was not expecting anything like that, I just figured it was normal currency.

Even though I don’t spend too much time with a high nightmares, I like the nightmares. They all have this surreal quality to them, taking the slightly creepy aesthetic found in the rest of Fallen London and cranking it up a notch.

I guess i’ll be the first but definitedly not the last to mention the Cheesemonger. I started playing hoping to be a James Bond/Indiana Jones scientist/spy , but looking at her face was a sober realization of the real life of a master spy.
I guess , to summarize it all i’d say that I like the Cheesemonger’s tale because of it’s message “no good deed goes unpunished”.
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I did enjoy the unparalleled flexibility of the Cheesemonger storyline, especially at the end. Then again, I did manage to find a resolution that was pleasing and nonlethal to everyone.

That said, my favourite storyline is definitely the Case of the Speculative Arachnid at the University, both for the careful unraveling of a compelling mystery and the shocking revelations about the nature of the Bazaar itself.

Special mention, too, for the Black Ribbon Dueling Society, and the surprising revelation ([color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]and cunning misdirection by the writers[/color]) of Feducci’s origins.

In my imagination I believe the Black ribbon duelling society story arc not to be over. After i revised y diaries of the battles …well , the victories were quite pathetic. Either luck , chance or cheating. In some place deep in my wishes i hope for a rematch against the royal fencer (at least one that does not require “external” help from the basement).
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The Cheesemonger story is indeed a great one, but add my vote to the Speculative Arachnid - this is exactly the kind of thing that I was hoping to get from Fallen London.

Nothing can compare to the recurring dreams for me. Everything about them is brilliant – the surrealism, the symbolism, the structure, the writing style…everything just blows me away. I am eager to see the next portions. Perhaps the only thing that bothers me is how difficult it is to advance them, especially since even high-level dreams only give 1 change point.

The Cheesemonger story is definitely my second-favourite, though. Very powerful, very emotional.

I’m having my fun just trying to root out Fallen London’s secrets in general. Trying to figure out the previous cities, learning the true identities of the various mover and shakers, speculating on the nature of the Bazaar, seeking the name, that sort of thing.

Secrets are their own reward, after all.

I could not agree more. Watchful is and always will be my stat/path of choice.

Something I would like to mention is that while it’s not an individual story arc, I do like the aesthetic of the persuasive options. There’s something enticing about building up your contacts, charming everyone around you, and generally being well loved by all.

The Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name is actually my favorite. It’s hard, it hurts, it’s exhausting (both your character and yourself because you keep trying to get the cards you need), it’s very very very mysterious and, well… i’m pretty sure it will end bad for those who seek the Name. Exactly what I like. Shocking revelations with bad endings.

Uncovering Secrets framed in gold pleased me. I like things related to art, and this one was mixing art and secrets. Just perfect.

The story with the Cheesemonger was great, too, although I would prefer it with a little bit more of surnatural.

And to finish, the whole thing with the devils, in the early stages of the game. It took me so much time to discover how they extract souls… really good.

This has got to be my favorite, too, for all the same reasons. The ‘Grandfather Clock’ narrative structure worked really well there.

I’m quite fond of the Recurring Dreams - particularly the Fire Sermon. I also enjoyed the whole persuasive track, working my way up from a no-name artist to Court, building my connections the whole way. It gave me a sense of having arrived, although there /was/ that regrettable business with the opera…

That alone is one of the reasons I love the Heart’s Desire ambition. The Bell and Candle is just such a wonderful note to exit the court on.

I have much to go yet but so far my favorite part has been during my Ambition:Nemesis spoiler [color=#ffffff]the time spent in the Chambers of the Heart - surreal with incredibly lush descriptions, it was a let down when I awoke[/color]
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So many are so fascinating, but it can be difficult to choose favourites when so few are complete! Particularly intriguing to me (and infuriatingly particularly incomplete) is the “Playing with Broken Toys” story. It trails off when it has barely begun!

I think overall Tales of the University has slid into first place and I’ve barely even gotten to the University itself. The Correspondance investigation, the murder plot, the rival colleges… it’s all so terribly cool. Being a Finder of Heiresses was also a really good one–as you say, it’s probably one of the most memorable ones I’ve finished. I’m sure Aspasia still has nightmares about [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]those eyes staring out at her from the clay.[/color]