Favorite Cards!

Just a topic to discuss your favorite opp cards to draw. I’ll kick it off…

Currently I absolutely love &quotTrading Favours in the Flit&quot, as rare as it is. A visit from any Relicker never goes awry, though when the Capering one comes with gifts, I must say I do clap my hands in delight. I’m waiting for &quotA Presumptuous Opportunity&quot right now with bated breath.

One of my favorite ones that comes up commonly, however, is &quotThe Soft-Hearted Widow&quot. I always donate 500 Glim to her, and I never regret having to grind it or taking it out of my Expedition fund.

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You mean the Soft-hearted Widow. The Gracious Widow is a different character. I like her card a lot too, and it’s awesome being able to give a little back to the person who shelters the player in their time of need.

I like A Visit, A Presumptuous Opportunity, the Lofty Tower, One’s Public, the Society faction card, and An Unsigned Message. The first gives 4 echoes worth of things, the second is vital to getting high tier Wines, the third gives 4 Scraps along with 2 echoes, the next two give a good amount of Making Waves to maintain Notability, and the last is to get Surprise Packages. It’s fun opening Surprise Packages.

Oh, and I almost forgot the Noman’s card! That one I like for the story, like the Soft-hearted Widow card.

I’m a big fan of A Visit, although it was better before they capped the rewards lower. Still, I like to feel like a neathy social butterfly.

Heh, I actually prefer it now that the rewards are capped: I no longer feel obliged to go swap around all my gear to make the most of the card. Much nicer. And it is very nice to go and see your friends.

I like the changes to &quotA Visit&quot because now I no longer have as large of a monetary incentive to get arrested, since they all seem to give about as much resources when visiting them. And side from all the other lucrative cards that have been mentioned, I also really like &quotThe Listing Tower&quot and the two Mourning Candles I can get from it by working there as an umpire. Too bad it requires a Proud Parade of Victories, because that creates a very strong incentive for me to simply not participate. Perhaps that is the intent?

I also like the &quotMore Larks with the Young Stags&quot card for being my only decent (Echoes/Action) source of wine for &quotA Presumptuous Opportunity&quot.

&quotA parliament of bats&quot is the best card, because it involves bats. I guess it’s also a decent source of Certifiable Scrap and Connected: The Great Game or something, I don’t know. But seriously; bats.

I also like &quotMr. Wines is holding a sale!&quot for the First Sporings and Black Wings Absinthe (one drink makes you dream about bats, the other makes you act like a bat; it’s hard to go wrong either way), &quotThe Soft-Hearted Widow&quot for the opportunity to give to those less fortunate than myself and/or stab a random passer-by, &quotA Visit&quot for the chance to see one of my buddies, and, of course, &quotGive A Gift!&quot for all my surprise rat-sending needs. I also quite like the cards for the various four-card lodgings.

My favorite cards are entirely non-mechanical, as it happens. I love the Dream cards, all of them, and my only gripe with them is that the rates of their coming mean that I often miss the bits of text on the Level 3 cards that require 10 in some other Dream. Still, the way in which it invokes lucid dreaming, the hints they evoke of the wider world of the Neath and Parabola…

Giving you a diluted taste of Seeking with none of the preparations needed :P
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A little omen, obiously :P

(but on cards I draw more than once ever, the CVR card is nice)

Please can we call it Seeking, please?

Heh, I actually prefer it now that the rewards are capped: I no longer feel obliged to go swap around all my gear to make the most of the card.[/quote][color=#C2B280]We were thinking along the same lines when we made the change. Changing gear for a single opportunity card isn’t fun, so we want to limit the incentives for doing so.[/color]

Please can we call it Seeking, please?[/quote]

Yikes, sorry about that. I forgot that word exists.

On-topic, I quite like the card for the Bitter-Saker Falcon. Peck out a devil’s eyeball and it only cost you a few CP :P
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I quite liked a few of the 81-118 cards that I no longer get to draw due to my high stats. Cards such as The little people, Caligula’s Coffee House, Tea with the Inspector and A new piece in the Game. I can only assume that they’re not available to those with higher stats because that would make those cards too beneficial. Instead we get some rather boring cards that only give 1-1.2 Echoes of resources for stats at 105-110 and above. Not nearly as much fun as cards that can be used to intermittently grind progress qualities or give a chance to score a rare success.

A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you

I don’t know why, but it gives me almost a physical pleasure to bully the poor man. It’s sick, I know.

[quote=Felix Merivel]A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you

I don’t know why, but it gives me almost a physical pleasure to bully the poor man. It’s sick, I know.[/quote]One thing I don’t get with that card is why siding with the Church increases one’s Austere quirk. How exactly is it austere to let the man shirk his agreed upon duty as a spy and instead embrace his beliefs? Seems as if Austere is the ‘Church quirk’, no matter what the circumstances are. If anything, the Austere quirk should be increased for making him obey his spymaster, not for letting him off the hook. Because that seems more like a Magnanimous thing.

You are probably right… I wouldn’t know though, I never choose that option.

I always enjoy ‘The Mechanics of Progress’, partly because it’s hilarious and partly because I get loads of Cryptic Clues from it.

Because you are supporting a man’s placing the concerns of the spirit over the concerns of the world.
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Agreed. You’re encouraging him to sacrifice wordly interests - material and political gain - for devotion to the divine.

In similar-but-opposite vein: it irritates me (albeit for pretty small values of irritation, really) that my Midnighter character can never play the Great Game card because he is very proud of being Steadfast. Is there really no such thing in FL as a loyal spy? [He similarly never plays the Church card - Hedonist, baby! - but that one I at least see the rationale for.]
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