Fate Problem / Accidental Purchase

Quick Preface: Firstly, I looked around for a support forum and could not find it, if this plea should go somewhere else please point me in the right direction and I’ll be out of your way.

When mucking about in the interface with no actions left, really just killing time till my next action regenerated, I hit the refresh actions button, for some silly reason thinking it would refresh the displayed # of actions (I know, upon thinking about it at all it makes no sense, as the actions refresh automatically - my only excuse is I am very tired (was up late last night, and just woke up from what little bit of sleep I had gotten)

I was wondering if there was some way I could undo this purchase as I was saving the fate points I had purchased for story unlocks once I get my skills up just a bit higher - 50ish in all was my goal before buying the stories in case there are skill checks I cannot replay that I would like a good chance of succeeding at.

In addition, I haven’t used any of those actions as of yet, and will abstain from using /any/ actions (even ones I naturally regenerate) till I get at least an idea of if this will be possible or not.

I just started here 3 (i think, maybe 4) days ago, quickly got hooked, and last night grabbed 130 fate for several unlocks and exceptional status. I still have a ways to go in becoming accustomed to FL’s style, and systems.(I’m been forum diving for a few days in my spare time, but there is a lot to read). Especially as this is my first ‘web-game’, generally in the past a die-hard 3d open world gamer - with exceptions in other genres, but never anything like this - thank goodness for Sunless Sea as I most likely would never had came here if not for being introduced to FL’s wonderful world Failbetter has built by a more traditional game.

I think you need to email support@failbettergames.com for things such as this.

TY for that address. I had figured it would be something along those lines but couldn’t find it mentioned in the FAQ (or anywhere else I had looked obviously)