Fate-locked stories

Good morning, fellow Londoners.

Sorry if this has been asked or if it is against Failbetter´s policy to discuss Fate content.

I just recently finished &quotThe Gift&quot storyline and absolutely loved it, my favourite story so far. My question is, Are there other fate-locked stories that are similar to this one? Stories that move towards horror, I suppose. If not, What other storylines are worth getting? I currently have my eyes on &quotDiscernment&quot, &quotFive minutes to midday&quot and &quotThe twelve-fifteen of Moloch Street&quot
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there is a thread for discussing fate locked content in the forum. http://community.failbettergames.com/topic87-fatelocked-content.aspx?Page=106
but no spoiling the stories etc kind of the rule applies to fate content.

Thanks guys, that first link was super helpful and sorry for not noticing the previous thread.