Fate locked gift exchange

Hello all, I couldn’t seem to find a thread about exchanging gifts, so I decided to make one.

If there’s a fate-locked gift you want, just post it! Hopefully someone else sees, and you can work out an exchange.

I am no longer looking for anything fate-locked.

*this thread does not promise that there will be an exchange, that is entirely dependent on who answers your request. But please reciprocate any gifts.

Please say what items you want, or the approximate fate value, so people know what they’re trying to match.

Edit: oops, looks like an ocelot beat me to it
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I would also care for a Fate-locked exchange. PMing you.

EDIT: To all forum readers - needless to say (but I’m saying it anyway) - do not send Fate locked gifts without coordination with your recipient unless you are absolutely understand it may not be reciprocated. Not everyone cares to pay real money and receiving a Fate surprise gifts may put them in awkward position. EVEN IF THEY GENERALLY STATED THEY WISHED IT. Make sure you both agree on the exchange beforehand.
Happy Feast, all!
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Don’t worry, I think it’s perfect to have one thread for Fate-gifts and one for &quotnormal&quot gifts! :)

If someone tries this year the option to send a Fate locked gift and have the recipient decline it in order for the sender to have that said gift back - please verify.
I believe the mechanics have not been changed, but… you know… money.

Be advised - as said before, canceling the Fate gift by the sender does not recover it.

I would also like to exchange a fair number of fate-locked gifts this year.

I too am willing to exchange Fate-locked gifts of any caliber, simply private message me here or send me a message in-game, and we can work out the particulars. Looking forward to meeting you all!

I do have one fate exchange I’d like to make. Last year someone sent me a hamper of heart cuts, and I’d like a rose-bearing maggot so I can make a shimmering songster. I’m willing to reciprocate with a fate gift of equal value.

Edit: Exchange complete! Bzzzzzz.
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Kaigen, I’ll exchange maggots with you! (Is that actually a thing I just said?) I’ll PM you in-game to confirm you’re still available.

Looking to trade gifts of value from 10 to 50. Not worried about which gift as I’m slowly gathering all fate-locked companions and pets

[quote=Gonen]If someone tries this year the option to send a Fate locked gift and have the recipient decline it in order for the sender to have that said gift back - please verify.
I believe the mechanics have not been changed, but… you know… money.

Be advised - as said before, canceling the Fate gift by the sender does not recover it.[/quote]
Verified as still working.

I would like to mention, that in precaution for sending gifts, you may add me to your contacts, so that if the gift accidentally gets sent to the person on the top of your contacts list, it’s me.

This is noteworthy because I won’t be accepting any fate gifts until I know explicitly that they are for me. Message me if you accidentally send a gift, over forums or pm, and I’ll decline the gift or trade with you at your discretion.
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I would like a Rose Bearing Maggot and choice Heart Cuts (5 Fate each). In exchange, I offer 10 Fate worth of items. PM me if you are interested.

EDIT: Done. No more Fate trade requests, please.
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I’m looking to trade Fate-locked gifts of any kind and any value until I have 70 masquing’s worth/enough to send my character on a Hot Date with the Revolutionary Firebrand. I’ll exchange gifts of equal value for them.

Please PM me or write to Var Sheridan if interested! Or, alternatively, drop an ask in my tumblr inbox.

Edit: As I now have enough items to ensure the masquing needed for Var’s Hot Date, I amn’t looking for any more trades. (Though I will look at the enquiries about trades that I got before editing my posts - and assessing my funds - in the morning.)
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Working on acquiring companions, etc., and I have set aside a rather large amount of Fate. PM me or send a letter or some other social interaction and let me know what you are looking for.

I’ve sent you a PM Danae, and if anyone else would care to exchange Fate-gifts, I am more than willing. Please just PM me what you would like, and I will send it to you along with a Fate-equal request of what I would like in exchange. Enjoy the Feast, all!

@Danae, I’ve sent you an in-game request. Perhaps you’ll need enough Fate gifts to come to something suitable between me and Riftare? Though, of course, please give Riftare priority since they replied first :)

Would any others care to exchange some fate-locked gifts with me this Feast? Send me a PM, or a message in-game. I’ll be checking both regularly. Thank you!

Edit: I’m willing to trade up to 150 Fate worth of items. Anything less is, of course, welcome. Thanks again!
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Good &quotday&quot Delicious Friends,

I am only recently arrived in Fallen London, having come here from the Sunless Sea. However I am rapidly discovering how much I enjoy the lore, the stories, and most importantly the chance to role-play pretty heavily with a (currently) tiny circle of acquaintaces, a circle I hope increases in time.

No matter, to my point: I was recently speaking with my patron, navchaa, out of character. They were kind enough to point out that since I am in a reasonably good position in real life and don’t mind spending some Fate on stories or gifts that there were a few items I might wish to pick up now, while I can. Since I’m likely to be around for a while, given how much I enjoy the game, and since I don’t mind giving Failbetter some extra $$$ for their really excellent work here and in Sunless Sea I thought I’d come here and join in the fun.

I’m told I shall later much appreciate a Tanned Mask and a Spiked Golden Rosary. I’m particularly interested in the Rosary as my character is quite visibly spending a lot of time praying. (It’s not my fault I’m RP-ing a terribly scandalous individual, is it? Well, maybe it is.)

Riftare, I will happily contact you in-game if you’d be interest in the exchange. If you’re not I’ll entertain acquaintance with anyone who is.

I should note there is a risk here: I shall almost assuredly role-play at you in the course of our interaction. It’s part of what attracts me to the game, and I relish the opportunity to meet new people and have fun with them.

Yours, Publicly Speaking,

Absimiliard the Elder

{edit: I have at this time made arrangements and am no longer seeking to exchange Fate-gifts, many thanks to all, especially the OP for this thread.}
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Hello! I’ve got a 30 Fate to spend on this event, so I figured I’d pop in here and let it be known. Send me a PM here or on Fallen London (Preferably the latter!) if you want to trade a gift or two!

EDIT: All gone! Thanks everyone!
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I have found my particular items. Cheers!
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