Fate Locked Destinies

I want to change my destiny to one of the Fate locked ones but do these destinies come from specific places, or can I acquire one with the normal &quotChange Your Destiny&quot opportunity on my pail of lacre? If so, what path would I need to chose to get one? I want Backstage or The Road (the only two, I believe), but I don’t want to accidentally choose an option that leads to another normal destiny.

You get them the same way you’d get a regular Destiny. All paths save for The Lights are Out give a possible option to get one of the Fate-locked Destinies, so avoid the one that sounds like complete darkness. I forget what the exact text is, unfortunately. This page might be helpful.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 12/14/2015

Thank you!

There are two other fate-locked destinies that require completing storylines elsewhere, but the two you mention are the only ones that boost two stats.