Fate Locked Content: Flute Street

Hi everyone. I am currently exploring Flute Street and am slowly going mad from my nightmares (I foolishly didn’t reset them before venturing into the deeps). Can anyone PM me to tell me if I need to worry about additional Watchful checks or other sources of Nightmares when I decide to head back, or can I wait until Nightmare 8.7, equip a goldfish and head back? Getting down there is expensive and if there are good money making options I don’t see them, so I don’t want to waste too many resources with repeat trips if I can avoid it.

Also, if my Nightmares hit 8 while in Flute street, do I teleport to the Royal Bethlehem, or can I just store my insanity until I reach the slightly-less-underground-underground?

Thanks for the help.

No worries! You never have to do that journey again. Not unless you want to, anyways. Heading back to Flute Street just takes 10 actions after you’ve made it into the place.

I’m not sure if insanity would force you to leave.

Thanks Sara - appreciate the fast response.