Fate and my Aunt!

I have recently gained a small portion of nex and I have enough to progress with my Aunt past the 7th stage.
But is it worth it?

Firstly,- Does it pay for the nex?
and 2-- Is it interesting?

If you are limited in nex, I would suggest using it on holiday content.

well… I have a bit more than I’m saying I do, it’s a more medium amount, but I won’t be getting any more soon.

It’s a very interesting read and sheds some dim light on the state of the souless (at least, it did for us; I’m sure others learned what we learned from this at different times and in different ways), but, as with most Fate-Locked content, there isn’t anything particularly game-changing unlocked at the end of it. Which is fine; that means people who use Fate aren’t becoming gods while the rest of you mortals continue to squirm about in the mud by the roadside. We’re all lying in the mud; it’s just that some of us are able to wipe more of the stuff off before the hansom drives through that puddle again.

The entire Aunt storyline is very fun. The writing reminds me a lot of P. G. Wodehouse; it’s funnier than most other Fallen London storylines, while still covering much of the same territory.

In terms of in-game benefits, though, it’s not a particularly lucrative investment. At the end of the storyline, you’ll make a choice, and will get a new recurring Opportunity card as a result. For me personally, the new Aunt card is even less useful than the one I kept drawing at Stage 7. You do get some items for completing the storyline, but no equipment or anything particularly rare.

It’s ultimately up to you, of course, but in my opinion it’s something to consider doing after you’ve already done the Soul Trade, Empyrean Redolence, Flute Street, and Exceptional Friendship.