Faster, stronger, smarter, wittier ...

Delicious friends,[li]
I just got my first candle. The price might be steep, but is no match to the pride of feeling at least a step further down the quest.
But my, what a price… I feel weak, numb, feeble. What activities would you recommend for my recovery ?
Would I have become duller, regular trips to Hunter’s keep or the Forgotten Quarter would make me smarter.
Would I have become slower, the affair of the box would make more nimble…
[I should warn you that I’m no longer part of the velocipede squad. I thoroughly disliked their behaviour and let them know in no uncertain terms]
I could hunt beast to breed, yes. But isn’t there something faster ?
Thank you in advance…

If getting stat back fast is your main priority, then you can burn up 5 Second Chances at your Lodgings to get somewhere between 1 and 60CP of stat.
Otherwise, the Labyrinth of Tigers is probably going to be your best bet for Dangerous, and the Foreign Office for Persuasive. Because of the whole Broad difficulty thing, you’re probably going to be able to get Low-risk or Very modest challenges using a TRF, at least.

Many thinks for posting about this.

Of course, there’s always danger of getting really low CP in row. Such is life in Rat Zone.

I just had a whole bunch of second chances and my stats are still hurting after a couple of enjoyable bouts of spelunking. :cool:

I’ve got TONS of second chances and no way to get rid of them. THis interests me that you can use them to get something at your lodgings…

Indeed, the second chances come up quite handy… Many thanks about the idea