Fanart: Zailing a Zee of Zcribbles

Because sometimes we inspire each other. Not just the setting and the canon, but this community of RPers, and the multitude of deeds and characters therein.

So here’s a place for that?

To open this thread, our favourite fungus!
An unhosted and cute Ezekiel!

I love him. You’re the best, E!

Well I always wanted an excuse to draw other people’s characters. I’ll most likely be contributing or editing this post as time goes.

Here’s Elias for starters:

Can I just say I love your thread titles?

Thanks, Lamia. =D

Also wow, nice art, Amelia!

Aaaaaaaaaaaa it’s exactly him!!

And again, I say “hubba hubba” :P

Eglantine, you silly, this is unhosted Ezekiel:

Did a few more and not because I’m procrastinating on a project or two. >>;;

Flesh-Stick and Siobhan:



Thank you! c:
edited by Amelia Syrus on 7/15/2016

Awww, you drew Fleshy! And he’s so cute! Nice job capturing his complicated design-you even got his cool “eyeball” shoulder tattoos :D

I love it! Nice work!

I present to you possibly the most fearful and terrible of my deeds:
Chibi Passionario.

Nobody asked for this
Everybody wanted this
They just didn’t know it