Fan-made survey for 'Fruits of the Zee Festival'

Hi! I was bored and decided to create this survey for the ‘Fruits of the Zee’, which just came to its finale. Take the survey here
Also, here is the reddit post on it

Fallen London is © and ™ Failbetter Games Limited: This is an unofficial fanwork. I created it only for my personal data-gathering necessities. I make no profit out of this survey and I will take it down if Failbetter Games objects to any part of it

[color=#99CC66]I’ve moved this into the Salons, since it seems to fit well here among the other surveys.[/color] :)

It’s worth noting that there’s one FotZ item you left out: Sinning Jenny’s Forsaken Wimple, only obtainable last year. Too late to add it though, unfortunately.

(Also the Lodgings option to go to the festival just redirects you to the Wolfstack option in case you don’t have that area unlocked; it’s not technically its own method of travel.)
edited by Optimatum on 9/4/2017