"Fallen London - The Motion Picture" - The Casting

Or Terry Pratchett too _

I feel we need Stephen Fry in the mix somewhere… possibly something to do with the University?

Although, now I have the image in mind of Fry as an archaeologist in the Forgotten Quarter, with Alan Davies as the hired help.

I believe Mr. Fry should voice the Tiger Keeper.

But who, who shall be the Cantigaster?

In the current state? May I suggest Charlie Sheen’s liver? XD

starveling cat - steve martin .
batman the vake- george clooney.

heh. but i doubt george would wanna play batman again.

Ewan McGregor is the Provost of Summerset.

But sir, Jude Law has the superior mustache.

A likely candidate for a Constable role, then :)

The Wry Functionary is most definitely Gary Oldman - he looks like him!

The Topsy King: Bill Bailey
Celebrated Artists’ Model: Salma Hayek
Sinning Jenny: Scarlett Johansson

Judi Dench as the Implacable Detective is inspired, but I would have suggested Wanda Sykes - if only so Dame Judi could reprise her role from Mrs Brown and play the Empress.

The player character: Vael Victus


The Duchess? I’d say Maggie Smith.[/quote]

^This, no question.

Hmmm… I don’t want to object overmuch on such trifling matters, but I’d hesitate to nominate the excellent Maggie Smith or Judi Dench as the Duchess or the Detective… given that the Detective is black, and the Duchess is [color=FFFFFF]not only of African extraction but much younger in appearance than she presents herself to be.[/color]

The Vake - Christian Bale

Frankly, I believe that there should be four different endings, representing the four Ambitions, along the lines of the Clue movie.

Might I suggest a small role for Lance Henriksen as one of the soulless? I am but a neophyte in this region as of yet and would not presume anything specifc of course, yet something tells me he’s been playing that part at least since Millenium.