Fallen London Table Top RPG

The RPG uses the Savage Worlds system, which has an easy to use race creator. I originally came up with the idea when was asked to do an RPG one shot for a club at my university. I came up with a one shot that had players breaking into the Brass Embassy to save the souls the Devils &quotstole.&quot I’ll post the one shot in another post. I’m going to post up my races and other bits and bobs here. Would love to get opinions on my work.


Surfacers: People of the surface, come for one reason or another. If a player is new to the world this is the best race for them.
When Surfacers get to the Neath have them roll a d20 add 20 to the number they roll and give them that number of Memories Of Light.(example: player rolls 11. 11+20=31 give player 31 Memories of Light). Every in game day have the players roll a d6 if its 3 or less they lose a Memory of Light. When they lose all Memories of Light they become a Neath Dweller.

+2 to resist all environmental effects
+1 toughness

Neath Dwellers: The &quotnormal&quot race, people of the Neath who have fully acclimated to the darkness. Players who are familiar with Fallen London and any who have played a Fallen London one shot could play as a dweller
When a Neath Dweller goes to the Surface have them roll a d10 and add 10 to it then give them that number of Touches of Darkness. Like the Surfacers a Neath Dweller will have to roll a d6 every day they’re on the Surface on a 3 or less they lose a Touch of Darkness. If they lose all Touches of Darkness they become a Surfacers.

Low Light Vision
+2 Notice
+2 Resist Cold

Tomb Colonist: Death isn’t easy in the Neath and those who &quotdie&quot live on as Tomb Colonist.
During a death saving throw if a player rolls a 1 on the vigor roll rather than dying they become a Tomb Colonist. However if a Tomb Colonist rolls a 1 on their vigor roll they die

Free Seasoned Edge
Start with a d6 in on attribute
-1 toughness
Blessing of the Grave: if they go to the surface they will die

Devils: Denizens of Hell, best to played by those very familiar with the lore

+2 Charisma
+4 resist fire
Desire for souls: will actively try to gather souls from any and all.

Zee Table:
When players explore the Zee use this table to spice things up with a random encounter. I’ll also make one for London but I found the Zee to be easier

1: Mt. Nomad
2: Zee Diamond
3: Bad Weather and a monster or pirate
4: Admiralty Ship
5: Zee Monster
6: Bad Weather
7: Pirates (unfinished men)
8: Sinking Ship
9: Civilian Ship
10: Zee Monster
11: Bats
12: Khan Ship
13: Bad Weather and monster or pirate
14: Pirates (rats)
15: Zee Monster
16: Bad Weather
17: Civilian Ship
18: Pirates (human)
19: Glorious Ship
20: Glim Fall

Zee Diamond: a diamond washes onto the ship roll to decide which of your players see it. Use a zailer to explain the superstition about the gods of the Zee. If the players throws it back into the zee nothing happens but if they chose to keep it give them the Hindrance &quotStone’s Attention.&quot (I’ll cover my custom Edges and Hindrances later)

Admiralty Ship: If the the players are wanted the Admiralty ship might attack or simply approach and board. If not the players simply see the ship.

Pirates: Pirate attack, pretty self explanitory

Sinking ship: the players spot a ship that is in the process of sinking. You can do a lot with this rescue people, salvage cargo or simply watch it sink and wonder what happened.

Bad Weather: this could be fog, &quotsnow&quot or the wax wind is up to where the players are.

Civilian Ship: a chance for piracy if the players choose

Bats: whether they’re friendly or not is up to you.

Khan Ship: 50% chance to attack.

Glim Fall: Glim falls from the roof. Players have a chance to collect Glim to sell later

Zee Monster table:
If you roll a zee monster use his table to pick which monsters shows up

1: Zee Boss
2: Albino Moray
3: Life Berg
4: Jilley Fluer
5: Bound Shark
6: Weak Sause
7: Angler Crab
8: Behmoustache
9: Lorn-Fluke
10: High Threat Local

Zee Boss Table:

1: Mt Nomand
2: Savage Lorn-Fluke
3: Blue Prophets
4: Tyrant Moth

I’ll continue to edit this with more stuff as I go and have time, but I would love feed back
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I’ve been thinking for quite a while on how I’d do an FL tabletop and I feel silly that it never occurred to me to use Savage Worlds.

I think it might help to keep in mind that a Neathdweller on the surface is more likely to drop dead than to become a Surfacer.

This sounds absolutely perfect, I’ve always meant to get something like this working. Also, yeah, Neathians die once they come to the surface, either from sunlight exposure or from Death finding them if they’ve passed once before.

Also, it would be awesome to classes and and skills fleshed out more in tone with the setting. You could always start up a design document if you get enough stuff to put down! Lemme know if you need help.

There is a custom Hindrance I call Blessing of the Grave that if a player takes damage that would be normally fatal but not become a Tomb Colonist they would die going to the Surface. But it would be rare for the players to try to go to the Surface anyways, so I’m not to worried about it.
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Updated with the zee table

This is an absolutely fabulous idea! It’s just simple enough for anyone to get into and still offer a firm degree of flexibility.