Fallen London/Sunless Sea browser theme

During one of the recurring periods of overexcitement about the game,I had the urge to play it framed in turquoise with Sunless sea’s trademark buoy on the right up corner.I mean,that begs to be a browser theme.So, I searched on Firefox,but found neither that ,or any other Fallen London theme,which seemed like a great omission.And seeing as I have no idea how to make one -or the drive to learn,frankly- I thought i might put this out to the community.So,if you read this and think &quoteh,I might use that&quot,leave a comment with your ideas about your favorite theme -fanged hats and buoys are pretty obvious,so I feel they can be omitted- ,what your favorite artwork/lore piece would be.If enough of us do that someone may feel inspired - feel obliged- to create them and I will be at peace!Also if there already is a theme and I have somehow missed it,DO NOT,FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,POST IT HERE.I will be embarrassed,I promise you :).PM me instead,so I can sneakily close the topic.Thank you and I look forward to your reading your ideas!
edited by Sebastian Pond on 9/17/2015
edited by Sebastian Pond on 9/17/2015

I just checked the Chrome Store. There are no FL/SS themes there either. I’ll see if I can find a theme creator that lets me use images, so I can make a few for you!

Update: Here are some things!
Sunless Sea:

Fallen London:
Coming later, I hope. I need a 3000-pixel-wide image for this one.
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That was quick!Thank you very much KestrelGirl

When I try to apply this theme and open a new Chrome tab, the picture is there, but it’s way too small and leaves wide white spaces between it and the edges. Does it have something to do with my Chrome or my resolution…?

Probably the picture. The theme maker I tried was glitching around and didn’t show the full pic when it was 1366x768 so it’s 50-100px smaller. I can’t make a new one, though, because the only one that works was discontinued and no longer has a download feature.
edited by KestrelGirl on 9/18/2015