Fallen London stories & the responsible miscreants

April’s story added to the credits.

Would people like me to indicate what stories are part of a season or no?

[quote=Mordaine Barimen]April’s story added to the credits.

Would people like me to indicate what stories are part of a season or no?[/quote]

Why not? Why not indeed.

Oh that island is so well done. I can barely put into words – and badly even at that – how much I love/hate that story. It is absolutely horrific, in a good way … or maybe a bad way, a wrong way . … .

I think we all know what I mean.

Updated with the Pentacost Predicament and adding the Seasons of stories. If anyone has a suggestion to improve this, please feel free to speak up.

I have loved Emily Short’s IF! I’m delighted to learn she’s writing for Fallen London.
Fans of wordplay should particularly check out her game ‘Counterfeit Monkey’ which is thoroughly delightful, and has a lot of gameplay revolving around turning one word into another, for example by adding or removing letters.

Still no info about Cut With Moonlight and its mysterious writer ? :s

Sorry to be pedantic, but you made a typo there. It’s Pentecost. :P

Updated With new story/season

[color=#ff9900]That was me. Although as with all our pieces, it was very collaborative. Alexis helped beat the story into shape, Olivia edited the &*%$ out of it, and Cash and Alice Bowman provided feedback on design and implementation. [/color]

I quite liked Cut with Moonlight Chris, thanks – and to Alexis, Olivia, Cash, and Alice.

(I’m absolutely biased though, running sunlight from Aestival > London is a Huge thing for most of my captains in SS)

I loved the story.

Do you want credited for it in the first post, everyone credited, or a generic FBG staff credit?

For Nuncio, it may interest some people to read Spacemarine9’s original concept doc[li]
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Is that link incomplete Parelle? I’m getting a tumblr’s equivalent of a 404 when I try it.

[color=#ff9900]It looks like you’re listing the writer for each piece, so that would be me. I’m just always keen to make clear that practically every bit of content we create is worked on by at least four people. While the writer’s voice might come across most strongly, everyone involved makes a significant contribution. [/color]
[color=#ff9900]No story gets written without being pitched to at least one other person, and incorporating their feedback. Editing isn’t about fixing typos - it ensures clarity and continuity, and drastically improves the writing. Design feedback ensures that mechanics support and enhance the story. Testing not only fixes bugs, but looks at the whole player experience and tries to make it as smooth as possible. We take this stuff very seriously! [/color]
[color=#ff9900]Often, the changes are drastic. In Cut with Moonlight’s case, for example, the visions of London Above (which are pretty central to the story!) weren’t part of the original concept. They were introduced during the pitch meeting.
[color=#ff9900]Writers already get a lot of credit, while editors, QA, marketers and other contributors tend to go unsung. At FBG we want to ensure they get the kudos they deserve, too! Without them, our stories wouldn’t be nearly as good.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]If there are any gaps in your list, let me know and I’ll try and work out who was the relevant lead. Or if you have questions about our process, I’m happy to answer.[/color]

Thanks for your response, Chris. I know that the stories are a collaborative effort, and Hannah emphasized that early in the topic. The germ of this topic came into being while trying to mentally sort Fate stories to help recommend new ones to people based on what other stories they had enjoyed (or disliked.)

When author names started being included with ES releases, it seemed useful to start tracking this to assist in the matter, as well as give a place for a little cheering on for you guys. A little extra praise for the creative types helps keep the word mines running, after all.

Noting the lead writer seemed a relatively useful metric for judging stories, and was also the only info we really had to go by. I’m not in contact with some insider, so I have to go by public info and things other fans tell me.

I would love to be able to credit any of the main islands that had a lead writer of sufficient influence to kepp the work “theirs” instead of a collaborative effort, as well as the ES and proto-ES credits not listed above. And thank you for your time (and tasty words.)

PS: Please give a thumbs up to whoever pitched the London Above visions, as they really added to the story in my estimation. (I still keep the Touched quality on my main in the hopes that it will tie in to something eventually.)

Urchins now invading the list.

And “The Calendar Code” now fills out the Season of Revolutions. Such a nice kitty…

Hey, I just noticed that the Court of Cats (June 2015) is missing from your list! Have you asked Chris about it? I’d be very interested to know who was its (main) writer! :)

The current Exceptional Story is still missing:

&quotWhere You and I Must Go&quot, written by Cash DeCuir.
Editing and QA: Killian McCabe, Olivia Wood, James Chew, and Chris Gardiner.Art by Paul Arendt.

It’s the first story of &quotThe Season of Wrecks&quot.

This thread is no longer updated, but there’s a replacement already :)
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