Fallen London RP Community

As a reminder, there exists a community out there of people playing in an EBZ world. RP is collected at a Livejournal community -
http://fallen-london.livejournal.com/ . Many of the scenes are co-written in Google Docs, but open posts are often put up on the LJ for more public social interaction, and parties occur at least quarterly to allow everyone to gather in a single place, which can be a great way for new people to jump in.

We are EBZ content-heavy and period-aware, and welcome new people to come join the fun. So stop by and read some of the scenes. Post some rumors. Jump into an Open Post and bump into someone in the street.

We have a wikia over here ( http://ebzrp.wikia.com/wiki/Fallen_London_Roleplay_Wiki ) that has some of the background, especially with regard to how we like to play (the About Page http://ebzrp.wikia.com/wiki/About_Us ). And as always, feel free to connect with me at @oscarleto if you have any questions.

Disclaimer - we take no responsibility for your inevitable addiction to the RP. We do, however, understand RL demands and many have floated in and out as life allows. :)

Excellent! I’ve been missing you all, and I’m glad to see that the RP is still very lively. I think it’d be really cool if you all could meet up with the tumblr RP community as well. I don’t rightly know if there’s a full list of people in the Delicious Friends RP group, but we should all chat some time. It’d be pretty great!

Tumblr seems a bit difficult to host larger events with more than one on one RP. It’s a consideration, though. Where’s the Delicious Friends RP group? I welcome anyone to come join the LJ group and play there as well. We do a number of one on one scenes in Google docs/drive these days to allow for more collaborative RP scenes. Why don’t you stop by one of the Open posts, or perhaps an invite? It’d be great to play with you again, and invite others![li]

The Discord RP Adventures of the Neath, if you are into a steampunk action adventure version of Fallen London that isn’t as horrory, more comedy ish, and more focused on like innovation and positive social change. Join link: Adventures of the Neath
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