Fallen London Roadmap: July 2023 and beyond

And the menace updates are live: https://www.failbettergames.com/news/menace-item-changes-and-some-accompanying-adjustments!

Sorry for the ping @lukefbg , but can you confirm which is the right date for HG’s new season?

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I am fairly certain that both are correct, we have already had the first expansion, the season of excess, we will have the second expansion on July 20, and the third expansion after estival. Heart’s Game being released wasn’t an expansion, just it starting.


You know what, that makes perfect sense, thanks! :smiley:

Late responding, but yes – John_Schmit is correct.

Don’t forget to pack a win! Probably the next expansion will come in a week or two.

EDIT: And the Wiki guide was re-updated after July’s incident! For those few that didn’t pick their festival item, there’s a KaTo one available.

I’m still considering if I should get that one or another one. :thinkingfl: 100% check will be nice and there’s the Drownie card over the Zee. Probably that’s where my 30 coins will head. :slight_smile:



A redesigned Fruits of the Zee festival returns this Thursday, September the 7th. Another of our free annual events, available to all Londoners. A new story, items, and activities.

Go wreck-diving off the coast of Mutton Island. Recover barnacle-encrusted treasures (or trash) from the bottom of the zee. Make bargains. Meet the King-in-Coral who presides over the festivities.

The Fruits of the Zee festival will run for two weeks, through to September the 21st.

Details about Railway Enhancements and Enhanced Exceptional Friendship: https://www.failbettergames.com/news/hearts-game-season-four-announcements-for-september-and-more.

Now, I wonder what will happen if you choose to pick an advance destiny, but didn’t actually pick it. :slight_smile:

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“The main benefit of enhanced Exceptional Friendship is this – one back catalogue story a month in addition to the all-new monthly stories. […] There will be six stories on offer every month, and the menu rotates so that every story is available for two months at a time. […] You also have the option of resetting two of them instead of playing one from the selection that’s new to you.”

“Bonus actions every month: You will get three special refreshes of seven actions each, so a little better than a Fate action refresh or two coffees.”

“To go along with this update, we’ll also be adding some new opportunities and story to the House of Chimes. This will be available to all subscribers, with a few extra goodies for enhanced subscribers.”

“New research projects in the library at Jericho”

You know, all that sounds pretty cool! :smiley:


Yup, those are quite interesting too! I mostly wanted to highlight FotZ that starts tomorrow.

And, as a reminder to anyone: be sure to have your weekly activities done (Nadir, board meeting, etc). You don’t want to feel TtH’s pressure while on Mutton Island. :slight_smile:

Ugh, I hope it’s not another “living world” event that I’m going to regret not starting the first day it’s available.

As much as I loved all the summer events, I agree with you on this one. One such event per year is enough!
I guess we’ll find out in a few hours. :slight_smile:

I see we’re well into the Fruits of the Zee festival. Any word on the Railway expansion? Also, what’s TLU City?

There was an updated roadmap published last week. Railway updates are now slated for October.

TLUville is the conclusion of the Railway story. The City that was founded.

Any news on when exactly we can expect the new Enhanced Exceptional Friendship? The announcement says “after Fruits of the Zee, before Hallowmas” which basically could mean any day during the next four weeks.

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Only two months for the TLU City update. Waiting… :sleeping:

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Hey, at least we have a date now!

I didn’t realize they had particular “release windows”! Interesting.

Thanks for reviving this!
Well, we’ll have the HG season with, hopefully, new rewards and lore snippets, new Sackmas story, a new premium one for those that can spend Fate and some holidays for us to enjoy!

I’m sure time will fly quite fast, but I am not sure if the last HG expansion will be before or after TLU city.

HG expansion is in early November, so this will be soon.

Season 4 is coming in early November (maybe even this week). Skinnyman is talking about whether Season 5 will be out by mid-January or not.