Fallen London Redesign: to go live 1st October

[color=#cc0099]Delicious friends, thanks to your excellent bug tracking and build kicking abilities we are now at a stage where we’d like to put the Fallen London redesign back up![/color]
[color=#cc0099]On 1st October, we’ll be putting the redesign live on www.fallenlondon.com and then shortly after we’ll point fallenlondon.storynexus.com to redirect to www.fallenlondon.com too. We may stagger these a bit because it helps our servers (and programmers!) to do these one at a time.[/color]
[color=#cc0099]Our testing has been going smoothly, and we’re incredibly thrilled to put the redesign back up as we’ve had so much positive feedback over the course of the two betas. [/color]
[color=#cc0099]If for any reason though you run into trouble, please email support@failbettergames.com directly. And, if you haven’t seen the new site yet, the beta will remain open at https://beta.fallenlondon.com until the 1st October.[/color]
[color=#cc0099]Once it’s live we’ll continue to monitor performance to make sure everything’s working as intended. Thank you for going on this journey with us, we’re so pleased to bring a new shiny exterior to the same dark, exquisite underground city we’ve been building for over eight years![/color]

Best of luck! We are looking forward to it.

Hooray! And thanks for all your hard work!


[color=#cc0099]Thank you everyone![/color]

A question: considering there’ll be SSL and whatnot, might The gift of a great fate become available again?
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I’m just going to get this out of the way: It looks prettier. There’s no disputing that. But DANG IT I am not a fan of the vastly increased card loading times, and the increased loading times in general. Nor the way all the locations have been swapped around such that my Flit grinding was thrown off.

[quote=Aniline]A question: considering there’ll be SSL and whatnot, might The gift of a great fate become available again?
edited by Aniline on 9/29/2018[/quote]

[color=#cc0099]Hello! We’ll be focused first and foremost on making sure the redesign is working smoothly and as intended, before we examine adding in any new/previous features[/color]

It’s pretty, but now that I must actually use it for normal play, I find that I hate that storylets are just huge. All the padding and increased borders means that in the same vertical space I can see much fewer options (it feels like it takes about about half as much space, but I don’t have hard numbers), which leads to endless scrolling. Sadly, this part is not sensitive to window size, so I can’t help it. And in places like the Empress’ Court, that really kills the mood :(

Sorry, but it hasn’t grown on me any since last time it was rolled out. I still hate it. This may well be it for me and Fallen London. The profile page especially, is a shadow of its former self. I can’t see how anyone could say that is an improvement. I hate being such a negative nancy, but I am really, really unhappy with this change.

As an aside, I normally use Firefox, and while I don’t like the new version of FL, it does appear to be functioning correctly as far as the layout is concerned. But I just had a look at it on Internet Explorer and it seems to be a right dog’s breakfast on that particular browser. Text not fitting in boxes, things in the wrong place, etc.

It refuses to log me in. Anyone else had the same issue?

In Opera I only get a backwards F slowly pulsating on the screen. But in Firefox I can play as usual.

EDIT: Turns out that was because I had yet to update my Javascript settings in Opera so that the new domain name is allowed to run those things.

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re. Jolanda: refresh the page and try again; the same thing happened to me. Something to with a holdover from the first launch that doesn’t go away until a refresh? I’m not a computer person.
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Can anyone else confirm that it is no longer possible to have Airs of London in the profile (scrapbook)?

Maybe you can’t put them in the scrapbook from the new site, but clicking on the thing that’s there and then selecting the Airs of London worked just fine now when I tried.

EDIT: Okay, now that I bothered going to my profile from the new site I see that there’s a new version of the profile which does not include the Airs of London, nor the Airs of the Forgotten Quarter. But so far the old fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile still seems to be working, where Airs are available. And while the Airs won’t show up in the new Myself tab, they still show up in the new profile page, if set by the old one.

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I would chane 2 things in this new layout. At the log in screen, place the log in button so I don’t have to scroll down to find it, and don’t put either the remaining actions count or the log out button in a dropdown list-just put them where I can see them.

How do I get the old version back?

I can’t enter either. I can’t scroll down…

I cannot change my equipment. I can swap between Morning / Evening / etc, but I get a loading icon on my possessions page.

I’d also greatly prefer it journal entries opened a new tab or window in my browser.

I know that, like most people, I am resistant to change, but this new layout, at least to my aesthetic, is blocky, less stylized, and unattractive. It feels like I am on my phone, but on my laptop. It is certainly nice, and I am sure a lot of people worked really hard on it, but I just don’t like it and I don’t even feel like playing right now. I guess I will get adjusted. I wonder if there was any user feedback and if there was some sort of Hawthorne Effect that led beta testers to give the socially desirable responses. Anyway, thank you failbetter for your efforts. I just strongly dislike it. Please don’t consider this complaining, it is meant only as feedback.