Fallen London or Netflix?

I only get around $8 a month for my interwebz pleasures. I love Fallen London and would love to support the writers with my (my parent’s) money. But Netflix had always been my loyal time wasting partner.
What do you guys think? Should I betray my beloved Netflix and get a subscription?

To be honest…I only picked up Fallen London once I became unemployed, and although I love this game and my Netflix usage has dropped off considerably since beginning to play it, I feel like your $8/month is better served going to Netflix. This game has a beautiful, glorious amount of free content, and although there are a couple times I have run up against a Fate-locked barrier and wished I had a few dollars to spare, by and large I feel like I haven’t missed out on much by not having a subscription. (I think that’s a sentiment that’s been echoed in various other threads – it’s wonderful to gain access to the fate-locked content, but it only adds to your enjoyment; not having access isn’t deleterious to your experience playing the game). However, your only really viable alternatives to Netflix are to pay money elsewhere (cable, Amazon, Hulu, DVD rentals), or to break the law and torrent/stream from illegal copies/etc.

So of course it would be good to support Failbetter, their content is Marvellous (hee hee hee), but especially if it’s your parents’ money, I think Netflix is the wiser option.

I think that Netflix will be able to take up more of your time (no ten-minute gaps unless you have a slow connection) but ultimately, you won’t know unless you try both. Why not have a go at Fallen London for one month and you can easily switch back afterwards if it was the wrong decision?

I strongly recommend spending it on Fallen London.

But I might be a wee bit biased since I’m on Fallen London all the time and I never went on Netflix.