Fallen London in other media

The Neath has inspired some very impressive fan art, fan fiction, fan sculpture, and works that I don’t even know the name of other than that it’s prefixed with “fan-!” I was wondering - has anyone made or seen any Fallen London-inspired material for, say, other games? Skins? Minecraft mods? Dwarf Fortress total conversions? I know I tinkered with FL-style costumes for the late, lamented City of Heroes, though never came up with anything hugely convincing. Also, do the devs have any thoughts/preferences/policies for this sort of thing?

[color=#009900]i.e. please ask us if you’re not sure if it crosses the line. If you’re taking money, you should definitely talk to us first.[/color]
[color=#009900]The flip side is that if we love people doing this stuff and will generally promote it - we just need to be sure that our copyright isn’t compromised.[/color]

Case-by-case for the more esoteric fanworks, then? Fair 'nuff!

[color=#009900]That’s it. Don’t get me wrong, when this stuff is done right we love it - we’re not Warner Bros - but we need to protect our baby.[/color]

I’d gobble up a FL-themed Let’s Play of Dwarf Fortress. If someone knows of any, please post here or PM me. Gosh, I love reading them.

It would be a hell of a project, wouldn’t it? I’m seriously looking into what I’d need to start one… human fortress, lots of mushroom wine, mod in devils and Rubbery Men…

If you really want to speed to the start, you could change the premise of the environment from Fallen London to a different territory of the Neath. An expedition to explore the Elder Continent, perhaps? This way, the strange and new Dwarf Fortress peoples and items could simply be regarded as par for the course of charting new lands in the Unterzee.

I wish I could help, but I’ve never played Dwarf Fortress. I only read the Let’s Play records. I already have enough difficulty conquering Nethack; I don’t want to taste something harsher and even more complicated. Well, good luck to you!

I wonder if I could convert some good Steampunk cosplay so that it looked like a portrait done in the FL style? Might be interesting to do.[li]

EDIT: I played around for a while, what do you think?

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