Fallen London Hallowmas Confession Counter

Greeting friends!

I’ve created a sheet based off of previous year’s issues with confessions. Link can be found here

I’m open to suggestions and will be doing my best to update the master sheet as more information on this year is discovered.

[quote=Absintheuse][color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]Firstly, those currently preparing for Hallowmas, know that it will again focus on Confessions, but function entirely different from previous years.[/color]
[/color][color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]
[/color][color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]While the Spirit of Hallowmas is absent this year, you will still discover a Hallowmas epilogue and special epithet. [/color][/quote]

I doubt such spreadsheets will be necessary or relevant.[li][/li]
edited by Optimatum on 10/24/2016