Fallen London Fan Art Competition 2016: The Zee

[color=#cc0099]Delicious friends! We have two wonderful things to tell you![/color]
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Firstly, the Fruits of the Zee festival will be taking place this year from 15th - 30th of August. It’s time to dust off your fishing supplies![/color]
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And secondly, with everyone soon departing to Mutton Island, we thought it’d be a lovely time to introduce our new [/color][color=#ffffff]Fan Art Competition[/color][color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]![/color]

I’ve been looking forward to this festival for a bit. I’m very glad to see it arriving!


Great, I like the Zee Festival. It was my first festival in London, and I am fond of it for that reason. Also because it’s super weird!

Ooh, that Fan Art competition is sooo enticing!

[color=#cc0099]With the competition is now closed, you may find all entries in this gallery for viewing purposes. Will be posting the top ten shortly! [/color]

[color=#cc0099]Voting is now open to the public! We’ve carefully selected the top ten, and now you may vote on your top three. Polls are open until 27th September, and we will announce the winners the next day. Thank you for all those who entered, it was extremely difficult to narrow down to the top ten![/color]


I am disappointed with some of the picks for the top ten, purely because These Two [spoiler]

[/spoiler] didn’t make it. I really love the idea of the former picture, of just getting a look into the captain’s cabin, filled with valuable brick-and-brack, each piece with a story of it’s own.
While the latter picture’s rather simple, it also possesses an interesting perspective upon the theme. Not as cool and complex as the former one, but it’s still got a unique style I appreciate.

Just wanted to give some of the things that you can’t properly vote for a shout-out.

EDIT: Ah, the most singular spoiler tab. We meet again.
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[color=#cc0099]Top Three Winners of the Fan Art Competition: The Zee
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The results are in! The top three winners of this year’s fan art competition are:[/color]


[color=#cc0099]1. &quotFor Your Own Good Compass&quot - by Yaiba (http://yaibam.tumblr.com/)

[color=#cc0099]2. &quotYou Are Not Alone&quot - by LonerBear

[color=#cc0099]3. &quotDrownie Song of the Deep&quot - by Kuyuan (http://kuyuan.tumblr.com/)[/color]

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We will be in touch shortly to make sure they receive their delicious prizes. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. We were astounded by everyone’s work! Over the next few days we’ll be releasing some honourable mentions [/color]on our Tumblr[color=rgb(204, 0, 153)].[/color]
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Welp, GG. Congrats to the top 3.
It was a cool contest and I’m really happy I was able to give it a go this year.

Looking forward to the next such event, whenever it may be. :D

Congrats, the arts were very nice, and I’m not surprised by the results (even though other arts had their place here as well) !

I hope there will be more events like this one, seeing the Neath through the eyes of other players is really interesting.

Congrats to everyone who won!! There was a lot of great art this year and it was a whole lot of fun to take part in. The zee is quite a muse, isn’t she ;)

This art competition had incredible results… I would have entered but I hadn’t known about it until the 27th.
the top three ones were my favorite, especially the &quotFor Your Own Good Compass&quot because I loved the style of picture.
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