Fallen London - Dressing Room extension [RETIRED]

I. Uh. I think this needs to be fixed.

I think it’d also be better if it said &quotDonning OUTFITNAME&quot, it’ll work for more circumstances.

EDIT: I think the problem is switching to a different tab whilst the donning is taking place. (I don’t know if this still works, but it used to in previous versions).
edited by Cecil on 9/1/2015

I’m having trouble with this extension. I installed it on Chrome with Tampermonkey and made the suggested change regarding storage, but I don’t seem to be able to save outfits at all. When I click remember with a name in the field, the page switches to my extended inventory and back but no name appears in the list of remembered outfits.

I am also having an issue with saving outfits on Chrome, just as Optimatum detailed.

Is there a way to delete an outfit without putting it on first? I just got an Ubergoat (woooo!) and now I can’t put on my “Watchful” outfit because it hangs when it can’t figure out where my Overgoat went, and I can’t seem to delete it from the list without putting it on.

I just uploaded version 1.41 which should solve that issue. Instead of automatically switching to a selected outfit, it now waits for you to click the ‘Change’ button.

When I make that change, it works for me in Chrome (version 45.0.2454.99). I created a separate Chrome version that just has that change already made. If it still doesn’t work for you in Chrome, let me know.

It works now, thanks! Though it might also be that I allowed Tampermonkey to use file paths. However, I’m now having a new issue: when I change outfits the “Donning <name>” message doesn’t go away until I refresh the page. It does change the outfit though.

Wow, that was fast turnaround! My endless thanks to you. Working like a charm now.

Alright, the donning message is going away properly now, though it does take a while and several flips back and forth. Maybe it was just a connection issue before.

I haven’t played the game long enough to have anything in my Expanded Inventory, so this extension wastes time when it flips over to add the Expanded Inventory items. Please add a setting where I can limit the code to checking just the Standard Inventory. Either that or make version 1.2 available, please.


I’ve discovered a problem with saving outfits including a Parabolan Kitten (and likely the Parabolan Panther too). You can save them, but when you change from another outfit to one with the Parabolan Kitten, the companion slot is left blank.

I think the likely cause is that when you click the Parabolan Kitten, there’s a dropdown to select between Equip and Use. Probably when the script tries to equip the Kitten to match the saved outfit, because it doesn’t special case the different reaction, the equip action fails and the companion slot is left blank.

Failbetter has added a great outfit-switching mechanic so I’m officially retiring this extension. It will still be available for download but I will not be updating the code from this point on.

Thanks for all the support!

Thank you, Travers!