Failbetter is changing Items

Today, I saw them changing all the canes looks amd the ones of most boots. The thiefs hands, scrumptious dandy outfit and K&C gloves also look different. Is Failnetter exchanging them all, part by part[li]

Hey, you’re right - I just noticed my Vakeskin Boots look different. Checked the Bazaar, and indeed, some items have new icons now. A quiet art upgrade, perhaps?

Może. Nie mogę się doczekać reszty. Choć muszę przyznać że moje rękawiczki i buty do jazdy konnej wyglądały lepiej.[li]

Part two arrived. The workman suit, masterwork dancing slippers, cheap dress, ratskin suit, mittens, white gloves, the rest of the frock coats and Iron Hat weren’t safe! Don’t they dare touch my desperate morning suit! (At least not without turning it into a suit and a trenchcoat!)[li]

Cool! I’m loving the ongoing art overhaul that seems to be happening throughout the game. ^_^

Wiki updated with all the changes I could find (though I might have missed a few - some of the changes are very subtle, especially in the small image versions).

The Neddy Suit and Anarchist Sable are also updated.

They (before and after) share art with the Workman’s Clothes and Black Felt Garments, two of the Bazaar items updated.

i hope they keep the filesizes low. there’s like a hundred different items in the inventory of a typical POSI.