Factions without Conected: cards

In various places, we see options that open if one is Closest To such factions as the Masters of the Bazaar, The Duchess, or the Rubbery Men. There are always other factions along with them that make the options accessible, but I have to wonder: Is there currently some way to become Closest To any of those groups? Are we awaiting their Connected: cards? Were those cut and not entirely cleaned up after?

As an aside, I also notice that the Gracious Widow has a Connection stat, but neither card nor actions that become available with her favor.

I’m curious about this for both OOC and IC reasons. OOC, above. But my primary character, Vefessh, has both a Rubbery Consort and a long-standing crush on the Gracious Widow, so it would make far more sense if that one could become Closest To either. And my secondary, Maria Curious, has a certain destiny that will place her very close to the Masters indeed. I’m lining her up to advance from Stalker to Monster Hunter at earliest opportunity - not because she’s got anything personal against monsters, but because she’s due to become one by fighting them.

So. Does anyone have further information?

Rubbery Men have Connection Cards, of a sort. &quotA limping figure in a top hat beckons,&quot and &quotA Rubbery Man lopes purposefully…&quot They also have conflict cards with both the Revolutionaries and the Tomb-Colonists.

the Gracious Widow has conflict cards with the Docks and the Urchins. There are also certain actions in Spite that are only available with her favour.

Neither have a Closest to: option at this time. I do not know if/when they will, but perhaps something will come of it when all of the factions are converted over to Favours/Renown
edited by Mordaine Barimen on 12/24/2015

The Masters have not and likely never will have a Closest To option or card – to paraphrase the developers, in the same fashion that you are not close to a mosquito.

I suppose that’s fair, but I’ve understood that one is supposed to be Closest To the faction that the character favors in their heart of hearts - regardless of whether it’s at all wise or reciprocated.

(And before modern membrane technologies, if you studied mosquitoes, you had to be willing to get very close and personal with them in order to keep a laboratory population. We’re all thankful that’s no longer the case.)

I’m still hopeful that it’ll be an option someday, no matter how unlikely. In the meantime I’m Closest to no one, which feels like a significant character choice in itself.

Addendum: Can Hell really be said to be fond of the humans it grants various favors to? As they say at the start of the Intimate of Devils story line, devils treat friendship as a tool and love as a weapon. And yet, you can be Closest To: Hell. For whatever reasons of your own.

Here’s hoping!