Face Tailor

I’ve been sitting with the Flint Idol and Uncovering Secrets of the Face Tailor 4 for a while now, is there a specific trigger to unlock the Dream that it’s supposed to lead to next?[li]

Being in the same position on my newest account, I am also curious as to whether this is rather poor luck or something else.

Me too. I thought it had something to do with location, but I’ve flipped cards in most spots and nada.

I don’t think we are doing something wrong, just content boundary.

The Face-Tailor’s story has been around since I started playing (so like 3 years), it’s already finished. The dream of a high mountain path should be an oppcard but things might have changed since it became available for everyone and not just Facebook logins, i dunno

[/li][li]Me three.

Yes, I’m in the same place. I had come to conclusion I’d done something wrong and ended the story by refusing to return the idol. Is that not the case?

It used to be that you could continue the story by keeping or by returning the idol. I have no idea how it works now, not having yet drawn the final card either.

I’m in the same situation. I’ve had the idol for ages.