Extension request: Favourite Items

I was wondering if someone could manage something like this? If it sweetens the pot any, I have a Starveling Cat or seven I can throw your way (or Surprise Packages/First City Coins if that’s your thing).

edited by Erika on 9/20/2016

This would be pretty cool.

Oh, yes, that’s pretty easy to achieve! Hard coded, user input or even contextual menu input (right click, add this item to &quotWhatever&quot category.
EDIT: Here’s a fast one (Brass, Jade and Glim to Favourites). It’ll run even if you don’t have them.
EDIT #2: Some tweaking.
EDIT #3: Yay, had 10 free minutes and added more conditions and beatifications.
Open your console (F12), paste this code and run it. You must be in Myself tab for it to do something.

var list = [387, 377, 378];
var trim = ‘<h3>Favourites</h3><ul class=&quotyou_icon cf&quot>’;
var exists = 0;
for(var j = 0; j < list.length; j++) {
var item = $(’#infoBarQImage’ + list[j]);
if(item.length > 0) {
exists ++;
trim += item.closest(‘li’)[0].outerHTML;
if(item.closest(‘li’).siblings(‘li:not(.empty-icon)’).length - 1) {
if(item.closest(‘li’).siblings(‘li.empty-icon’).length == 5) {
} else {
item.closest(‘ul’).append(’<li class=&quotempty-icon&quot></li>’);
} else {
for(var i = 0; i < Math.abs((exists - 1)%6 - 5); i++) {
trim += ‘<li class=&quotempty-icon&quot></li>’
trim +=’</ul>’;
edited by Skinnyman on 9/21/2016

Wait wait wait. No one is asking the real questions here. Like how do you have 459 confident smiles? Or why you have that many screaming maps?

I’m fairly new to Fallen London myself, but if I haven’t misinterpreted some of the conversations I’ve come across, second chance items used to be uncapped. I think the cap went into effect sometime around 2014?

Second chances were indeed uncapped for a long while; they’re still uncapped from the Mysterious Benefactor end card and iirc from Christmas Cards. I suspect the three Screaming Map items are really one Screaming Map and one of each half.

He modified the HTML structure to get that design in spoilers so that may be an answer as well.
Requires a few clicks, but it’s only a visual detail (or used for other funny porpoises:D).

You can also exceed the second chances cap by receiving them from friends through The Gift of Admiration option on the Give a Gift! opportunity card.

But back to the main topic: I would love to have an extension for this. Being able to micromanage my inventory is my dream.
And since coding is work, I would be willing to offer Surprise Packages / First City Coins as well.
edited by Art Shrival on 9/24/2016

All I am saying is that it is suspicious. A person with that many smiles? Unseemly.

Erika does indeed have that many Confident Smiles - Between the House of Chimes, and they’ve been around for a few Hallowmass’s (Hallowmass’?), so they accumulate.
As for the Screaming Maps, Optimatum is correct, Erika has one Screaming Map, and then one of each half. It just so happens that all three items use the same art.

(Source: I’m their partner, and currently logged into their account)