I have been doing nothing but expeditions to the Shrine of Deep Blue Heaven for the last few days, since all I need to make my Chorister’s Bomb is 4 Night Whispers. However, I’ve gotten Seal of the Hooded Hawk for the last three expeditions in a row, much to my frustration. Is there something I can do to make it more likely to get What is This so I can get x2 Night Whispers? Or should I try the Tale of the Fidgeting Writer to try and get them, which I have never done before?

The Fidgeting Writer is probably faster, but you do have a good 10% chance of getting Night-Whispers through the expedition. I’ve gotten strings of poor results myself, along with strings of very good results. It’s pretty random, and I wish you luck!

I myself prefer expeditions since they do reliably give good rewards, even if not the ones you need. I get my supplies from Connected: Docks and Whispered Secrets from trading with the Tiger Keeper.