Expanding My Social Circle

Like many others of the wonderful denizens of Fallen London, I wish to broaden my acquaintanceships and find more comrades and companions. If you would be at all willing to associate with a rather … quiet and resourceful… individual, please feel free to send a card. I thank you for time and attention.

A, Montague


Me too please!


Welcome, both of you!

Please feel free to call on me. I always enjoy meeting new people.


The more the merrier!


One more for the party.

Let us engage in jolly cooperation. Praise the sunless sea!

Feel free to say hello.

I too would like to broaden my social circle; I would also like to play out the &quotattend to matters of the heart&quot story with another player, male or female (I am female.) http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Branwyn

I too would like to broaden my social circle

If you are active daily, please add me and we can do… interesting stuff together.


I, too, am seeking delicious - ahem! - that is to say, STIMULATING companionship for a cup of mycological coffee. Or an adventure. Or fisticuffs.
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Greetings Citizens, Lords, Ladies, the rest; I have returned from exile and am looking for rakes, ruffians, poets, lawyers and other such gentlepersons of ill repute. Why, you ask? Oh, you didn’t. Well, I will tell you anyways! Because I am lonely. My only current drinking companion is a cheerful goldfish who I am sure cheats at cribbage. But since I cannot go back to the Palace (prudish snobs) and I am no longer welcome in the Mandrake (licentious snobs. Also an unpaid bartab) I have been reduced to drinking armillaria tea alone in my dressing gown. It is very sad. But I am not disheartened! Add me if you need a person for things. Anything. I just need people to talk to in order to stop the echoes screaming for crumpets
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Ladies, Gentlemen, and fellow Individuals of Mysterious Genders! I would like to extend my claws to anyone and everyone from the shadows of the Underworld to the heights of Society and Scandal! I, Vasu Mishra, openly accept calling cards and possible chances of revelry, scheming, games, dirty deeds, and deliciously delightful activities. Scandals and information are my trade and I hope to bring myself and all in my favor to the heights of power! Care to try your hand at my game? I always adore the opportunity of a challenge.
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