Exiled From Court: Can You Imagine?

Good Morning,
So there I was…minding my own business of rising to dizzying ranks within the Empress’ Court through clever works of fiction and song, when I took some advice that looks right now to have been very bad, but in the end, may work out just fine. I derailed my own rising star by putting on a lavish opera that was so debauched…so scandalous…so complicated…that I was immediately exiled from the court. The Empress looked like a tick about to pop. You may have heard similar stories or cherished memories in your own travels.

Not one to wallow, I accepted this inevitable turn with as much grace as can be mustered while being dragged backwards on my heels down to a waiting ship.

Now here’s the thing; as I was busy ducking my head from the many inventive projectiles, the Veteran Privy Counsellor appeared beside me…the very man who’s bad advice I had accepted. Can you imagine?! He began speaking to me. The baying crowd was so loud and rude (and my browser crashed) that I only caught snippets of what he was saying. There was something about the Tomb Colonies and something about the Mahogany Hall I believe. Perhaps something about the severed hand of the Urchin King? It was hard to hear.

Well then, if any of you were there that day on the docks, and happened to overhear what the Privy Councellor was saying I would be forever obliged to you and your kin.

And I must compliment you on your fine selection of projectiles.


Are you looking for this?

That is it precisely. Many thanks.
Thank yew…thank yew…thank yew…