Exceptional Stories, quirks and stat drop points


This is a bit of a stub for now, but as the next Exceptional Story (and, hopefully, Season closure too) is almost upon us, I’d like to start it in advance.

Some of us like to keep certain quirks at high levels, due to character preference. Usually actions are either known or can be, as a last resort, looked in the wiki.

Often our dear authors do comment incoming quirk change.

But Written in Glim… not only the starting storylet did affect quirks without warning, but some changes went on by the story course itself, and not all of them were obvious, oh, so not all of them.

So, I’d like to dedicate this topic to a spoiler-free warnings about ‘declining’ actions which can degrade said qualities.

Three ranks, for any ES:

  1. Green. No quirk/stat changes, except maybe rare and clearly listed ones.
  2. Yellow. Changes do happen more than twice, there are branches that lock you into choose one to degrade, there are moments where change is telegraphed poorly.
  3. Red. Even worse than yellow.

And, obviously, all the other rules to discuss any ES still apply.

That may be useful as aggregating place, for any ES, past, present and future.