Exceptional friendship - PayPal/Bank account?

Hi. I’m somewhat new, I was wondering if I can get exceptional friendship through either PayPal or directly through my bank account? Can you pay through nex or something?

Sorry if I missed something obvious, but paying through a card isn’t an option.

FBG is planning on having PayPal support, so just hang tight and wait for that to become available. :)

[quote=Hannah Flynn][quote=Kylestien]All I want to say is this: As someone who keeps getting Exceptional Friendship by fate currently, I’d like the option to just pay once per month at my leisure with fate as it is now. I find it easier for me to just spend a bit of fate which I can get from the super rewards mobile option when I top it up, and doubtless with a subscription i would need to go though all the hassle of credit cards and the like.

Unfortunately it’s too complex to support both - but we’re planning to have Paypal support in the near future as another option.[/quote]

Awesome, I don’t mind waiting a bit:)