Examining the candidates' narrative potential

Set aside all the nonsense about policy and platforms. Let’s discuss the merits and failings of each possible mayor, not as elected officials in public office but as characters in a story.

Feducci is, I think, a very strange choice of candidate, because he already plays a key role in the Name Scrawled in Blood storyline. The route to Wolfstack Docks is opened by climbing through Feducci’s fighting-rings, and meeting Mr Inch in the Black Ribbon is the first step to accessing the Labyrinth of Tigers. I can’t think of any other character with as large a story presence as Feducci. The only two who even come close are the Topsy King and the Veteran Privy Counselor. If Feducci were occupied with mayoral duties, would the fighting-rings and the Black Ribbon see new leadership? The 'dooch could probably handle the Black Ribbon while serving as mayor, but I think it’d make sense for another Black Ribbon duelist to end up in charge of the rings.

Another odd thing about Feducci is that he seems a bit two-dimensional, at least to me. I don’t think there’s much personality to his interactions with the player, or if there is then it’s not anything remotely memorable. He’s a bandaged dude from the Elder Continent and he likes to fight, but that’s about it. Next to characters like the Bishop of Southwark (angry rasslin’ Bishop with dangerous plans and intense distaste for snakes) or the Topsy King (crazy-talking lord of the Flit, bat-tamer and collector of fine art), Feducci seems a bit like a cardboard cutout. I can think of a number of characters who appear much less often but who seem much more unique and interesting, like the Jovial Contrarian or the Tiger-Keeper.

There’s not quite as much to be said of the other two candidates, because the Detective is rather less prominent and the Campaigner was barely a single defined character prior to this year’s election content. One thing which I do think is interesting, though, is that all three have secret allegiances or debts - Feducci to the Presbyterate, the Detective to the Fingerkings, and the Campaigner to the anarchists. Hopefully we get to delve further into the affiliates of whichever candidate wins.