Evening constitutional

There seems to be a new option in the forgotten quarter, and maybe elsewhere:

                                                                                An Evening Constitutional                      

The evening is hardly damp at all: perfect for a short constitutional. Mists coil thickly at the foot of Watchmaker’s Hill. London blurs into a brutish pile of silhouettes, her chimneyed shoulders aglow with wisps of lamplight.
The mist disgorges a six-legged shape, which resolves into a pale man leading a limping, black horse. His cheeks are sunken. His eyes are wild and red. His hand trembles at the reins. A Prim Baronet!
He clutches your arm. &quotSubstance! You are real! Thank God. I must ask you a question, Sir, and I beg you to indulge me:&quot he takes a shuddering breath. &quotDo you believe in ghosts?&quot

has anyone seen this, or taken any of it’s options, or is it a ghost of a story that is haunting me alone?
edited by Grenem on 4/29/2015

It is the prelude to the new exceptional friendship story!

You will be directed to House of Chimes after playing this option.

Also, on an embarrassing note, I just had a slip of hand and reported this very post coming from myself to the moderators.
edited by Estelle Knoht on 4/29/2015

Do you actually manage to steal the horse if you chose that option, or does he catch you?

No idea, because I went for a open mind. I doubt you’d get a real horse anyway, probably just like some rostygold and that sort.

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