Entrusting a care of well-groomed lady

Due to complication on time management and certain other troubles, I’m no longer able to provide appropriate care for my best sub character. So, I decided to find her a new home for this well-groomed, urchin-caring Vake-huntress who is in possession of very rare pet (cats! cats! shudder) and modest wealth and stats. Also, she sold her soul. Mainly because she couldn’t step outside of her house without her deck getting clogged with devils asking for her soul.
For more details, you’ll have to see yourself - Her twitter ID and password is under here*, hidden in spoiler. You can use that twitter account too.


[color=rgb(51, 0, 153)]Edited for security - Alys[/color]

  • Maybe I should send such delicate information through inbox… Still, it’s more accessible method. And in any case we can go into twitter setting and change it manually.
    edited by Alys Indigo on 8/13/2012

This is a very unsecure way! You should better not post here password information and send it only on request via personal message! Or you risk losing your twitter account. (Maybe not a big deal, but still…)

Well, it wouldn’t be much problem for me. Besides, I already changed and erased every relevant data on it.

[color=rgb(51, 0, 153)]I have removed password etc information - please do contact through pms[/color]