Enthusiastic Urchin: the Postman's Pleasure

i just got this Opportunity Card and when i went to it, the options were no i am fine with the virtual game, and then 3 options for paying for real world stuff. I am a bit disappointing there was no option for yes i would love too, but currently do not have the money to do such. just thought i would put this somewhere in the forums, hopefully someone sees it and takes that into consideration. until then i am just going to have to answer no.

I just answered the amount I would be willing to pay if I did have the money for it.

oh yeah… i guess i could have done such. in retrospect i wish i had done such. oh well, what is done is done.

Your enthusiasm does you credit, but in terms of a market survey, I’d think “I don’t want to buy this” and “I want to buy this but I can’t” are functionally the same - they both mean “this person is not a customer.”

I’m pretty sure “I can’t afford this” was listed on the as one of the possible reasons for the “no” option.

(Which is what I put, although the inability to afford that might change in the next couple months)

I think it would be cool if every issuance of a physical object was linked to a new storylet in-game, at the end of which you’d have the chance to either get a small in-game reward or pay Nex for the real-life thing.

Still miffed about the Christmas Gifts survey that nobody responded to my suggestion that a Velocipede Squad bike decal or headbadge makes more sense than a T-shirt.

Could we please turn this into a wishlist thread? ^_^
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