Enthralling & intoxicating

Some items have in their description enthralling (reading material) or intoxicating (beverage) plus a value from 1 to 5, and i fail to see the use in that.
May some one explain me what are they for?

From a terrifying, lethal and sinister gentleman.
edited by FGalo on 12/13/2016

It’s a fairly new but rather cool change - sometimes rather than requiring a specific item a storylet will require something with a minimum value of intoxicating, enthralling etc, letting you use whatever you have on hand giving you flexibility in how to proceed. So instead of having to grind resources you don’t have, you can use a higher tier item you have spare.

They have been used in the past when “payment” was required in the course of an action. There would be a box listing all the relevant materials owned by the player, and player chose which to use. I recall one use when children were to be entertained, and books with “enthralling” quality were required.

Children need to be entretained? i guess i have some spare tales of terror…

Um, if I recall, scaring the little bl*ghters was also an option /evil grin/

So far I believe it’s only been relevant in a few exceptional stories, and very briefly during the election. The election option was changed due to an exploit with this mechanic on the mobile app.

The ES story Flint required items with the intoxicating quality. I can’t recall seeing a story using the enthralling quality, but I haven’t done all of the ES stories this year.

Enthralling was used by The Frequently Deceased, and possibly others. Flint (and Art of Murder now that I think of it) also used a quality associated only with the four Order Vespertine K&C medals.

I believe that &quotEnthralling&quot was used in The Frequently Deceased Exceptional Story.

Is it just me or do both of these seem to be gone?

Can confirm the item descriptions no longer mention the quality.

That could just be a change of display–maybe the items still are Intoxicating or Enthralling behind the scenes, but it’s not shown except where needed? It’s hard to test because there’s not many actions that require it.