Engaged in a Case

Saw this option on a card related to the docks. I’m assuming its the watchful equivalent of the heist content?

It could be, it very well could be. There was mention of Noise on the Constables card, which I assume will cause you to fail if it gets too high. It’s nice that the training cards are getting yet another use.

I saw it this morning as part of the third option on a card titled “Bandages and Dust: The Tomb Colonies.”

I’ve lost them (to go on a heist) so I don’t know the exact names, but the cards for the urchins and the devils have this option too, and the names have changed. Urchins is “On the Rooftops: The Urchins” (I think) and the devils is something about fire and darkness.

I haven’t found any way to begin a case yet, though.

I just got a card named “By the Riverside: The Docks” that has Engaged in a Case as a third option. I’m guessing that’s the one you saw, Branden.
edited by Tea Biscuit on 12/1/2012

It seems like all of the “learn from your connections” cards have been re-written, and among other things all now have an option which affects this. Seems to be for a future feature or something… I look forward to finding out what!