Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery

[li]My question is if you need your own ship for this or you do not to worry about it. Thanks in advance

You need your own ship.

Thanks, Sara, you are a star :)

You need more than just your own ship, in fact. Does it open after you’ve undertaken a suitable number of zailing trips, or do you need to have worked around his Lordship’s vinegar-faced Valet with his peculiar dislike for delivering correspondence to your address? I rather dislike that man.

You’ll have to play the storylet and do some preliminary research before you can sail off to the different islands.

Thankyou, I had thought that was indeed what was locking me out of it…

One more question about sailing… Do you need the Scremaing map or any other map to get to the different places? If so, where do you get them from?

You can access Corpsecage and Bullbone Islands without needing anything extra, but Grunting Fen requires the Screaming Map.

You get the screaming map via a story that starts in Wolfstack Docks. An Iron Republic safe conduct which is the other thing you need to open an area comes from Marks of Credit but that is not part of the Voyage of Scientific Discovery.[li]
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