Election 1894

[color=#cc0099]The year is 1894, and London is to have a Mayor! Election is the first new festival since 2014 when we began the Fruits of the Zee Festival. [/color]
[color=#cc0099]The Election is free and is open to all players. It will begin Monday 4th July. Players will have two delicious weeks to bolster support for their chosen candidate through a variety of actions. At the end of the first week of Election, we will announce which candidate is ahead. The final day of Election will be Monday 18th July.[/color]
[color=#cc0099]Join the revelry through the &quotAn Election! London Must Decide!&quot card once the festival begins. The three candidates up for the 1894 Election are:[/color]

  • [color=#cc0099]Sinning Jenny[/color][/li][li][color=#cc0099]The Bishop of Southwark[/color][/li][li][color=#cc0099]and The Jovial Contrarian[/color]

[color=#cc0099]No Election is complete without fliers, political cartoons, and other such materials. We invite you all to create and share your own! We cannot wait to see who you will choose, delicious friends.[/color]
edited by Absintheuse on 6/17/2016
edited by Absintheuse on 6/17/2016

This is DELIGHTFUL. I’m so excited!

Will there be content to introduce players to characters they haven’t met yet/have forgotten? Newer players in particular may not even have heard of these people.

And on the same note, older players might be unable to remember the last time they interacted with someone- Jenny, for instance, i last talked with really early game about the secular missionary’s husband.

Right: I can’t remember where I encountered Sinning Jenny as I know I’ve missed her two big appearances

The Vake and one of the EF stories

The Bishop is found in Coil 4, the Contrarian appears at the POSI only dinner party.

[color=#ff9900]There will![/color]

[quote=Parelle]Right: I can’t remember where I encountered Sinning Jenny as I know I’ve missed her two big appearances

The Vake and one of the EF stories

The Bishop is found in Coil 4, the Contrarian appears at the POSI only dinner party.[/quote]
Also, though less recently, during the storyline about the photographer. You know, the one everyone does twice and then avoids like the plague.

[quote=Parelle]Right: I can’t remember where I encountered Sinning Jenny as I know I’ve missed her two big appearances[/quote]I’m not on Bag A Legend myself, but I’ve found an echo of her big appearance there.

The other one was in The Waltz That Moved The World, but she didn’t really talk much about herself there.

FBG, It’s super to see you having new ideas to implement instead changing a little of existing content. Can’t wait for the new tradition!

Looking forward to this - I still haven’t decided but it is between two of the candidates.

As a Vake Hunter I have a soft spot for Sinning Jenny but I also enjoy speaking to the Jovial Contrarian when I meet him. Definitely not the Bishop … I already refused his plan to invade Hell so it would not be right to back him now.

I have to say I’m somewhat dissapointed at the list of candidates as all three of them (maybe except the Bishop) are really minor and not too interesting characters. Surely there are many delicious persons more deserving of the title.

Danko, I actually like expanding minor characters and giving them a chance to shine, especially such intriguing ones!

[color=#ff9900]There will![/color][/quote]

Hurray! I’m excited to see how this plays out. And I already know who should be on next years ballot.

Vote for The Vake! Vake, the Hunter. Vake, the Betrayer. Vake, the builder of municipal infrastructure!

The more notable personages have more important things to worry about than who get the title &quotMayor of London&quot. That’d be my guess as to why they don’t get involved.

Guys, they are opening the suggestion box for the next election. Let’s have fun with the things we already have, shall we?

…Oh dear.

I am so excited! At last, an opportunity to dust off my campaigning outfit and nail my colours to the mast, as it were.

I know who I’m voting for (Jenny, obviously), but I’m looking forward to seeing a bit more flesh stuck on the bones of some of the smaller characters. I’ve met a lot of people down here I’d like to know more about, so I think this particular festival will be one of my favourites in the years to come.

Ten points to the first person to whip up a correspondence cartoon.

I wonder if they currently have any idea on what to change when someone becomes a major. I hope it’s more than just a new option on a card, a new card for this is probably the thing that will happen, but I guess we will just have to wait.

Grace the Mercy for Mayor 1895, let’s build a highway to hell and give it no speed limit. Nyoooom!

I would love the option to replay some of the early storylets from my pre-POSI days like the Clay Comtessa, Wilting Dandy, Blind Pianist, etc. I’ve forgotten a lot of those early stories almost entirely, and it would be nice to do them again without needing to start a brand new character just for that. I don’t even remember if/when I encountered Sinny Jenny other than during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

I have to disagree with the sentiment that the contrarian is uninteresting. Maybe it’s just because I can be a jovial contrarian irl, and therefore empathize with him, but I found him quite memorable. I may support him despite his revolutionary tendencies simply because he seems like a reasonable and logical character. It’ll depend on how radical the platform he puts forward is. The bishop, while entertaining, is crazy, and I have no idea what sinning jennys agenda is.