EDIT: Journalism Cards

I am doing some things for my newspaper, and having someone WHO IS PURSUING THE HEARTS DESIRE AMBITION would be rather helpful right now. The fact that they are chasing the Heart’s Desire ambition is necessary, Having some scandal/suspicion needing removing (by ONE point each) is optional.
edited by Daniel Denham on 10/13/2015

Eris can help you. (See link in signature.)

Tells me you are NOT eligible.

EDIT: I hope Aximilio is active.
edited by Daniel Denham on 10/12/2015

Really? That’s odd, because she’s in London, has both scandal and suspicion, and is definitely doing Heart’s Desire.

IDK what to say, though. Maybe the system’s bugged… Maybe you need a PARTICULAR value of HD?

EDIT If i have any other… .Requests, i’ll be sure to think of Lady Eris first.
edited by Daniel Denham on 10/12/2015

Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve been giving interviews until the cows come home - don’t know why it won’t let you ask. One of those things, I guess.

Good luck with your quest!

It really doesn’t feel right cutting in at this point, but if you need someone urgently and there is still that bug, then I am eligible…

Oh, poopsies. I wonder if you need to move someone from &quotKnown Name&quot to &quotAcquaintance&quot…

EDIT: I can’t use that on Lady Eris either! I wonder if her Influence is 89 or below–if not, then there’s the problem.
edited by Daniel Denham on 10/12/2015

That could be it. Would you guys like to try to sort that out first? After all, Lady Eris did come first.

If I still can’t get Lady Eris, then i’ll choose you next

I could do it if all else fails. I’m currently at the part where I’m about to start the expedition to find the Observer of Falsehoods (I have just enough supplies but need to get more).

Indeed, my influence is at 91, so until I have a chance to cull my acquaintances (humanely, you understand, they wouldn’t feel a thing), I’m out of the running. Please don’t feel you can’t make other arrangements, Mr Denham.
edited by Lady Eris on 10/12/2015

Next, someone with Light Finger’s Ambition: 1
If I cannot add you immediately, you’ll get a calling card… if your influence is of a certain value.

Delmar has Light Fingers.

I should be available if you still require someone who is pursuing the Heart’s Desire ambition.