Economic Changes

I agree. Now you can just “cleftforme” yourself to a high level lodging with any new character.

I guess they wanted to transfer the atmosphere to the new 5 cards Lodgings…

[quote=Gillsing]I have taken note of the various plot progressions and why one might want to post-pone them. Why, I am delaying my University investigations indefinitely. We’ll see what happens on that front once I’m done preparing for the construction of a zubmarine. I like possibilities. They feel like freedom.

Thanks Gillsing, Glim is easy to come by at the Glim Assayer’s office so that’s not a problem. The Romantic notion on the other hand is another story. I’ll probably lower my shadowy with items for a chance to rob the honey den again. The Cheesemonger gives me some honey but she rarely visits.

Yeah, personally I wish I’d never locked myself out of Court (I want to write more novels; the object of my romantic attractions took my last one!) or the University (I got re-admitted, but I can’t play through the term and that’s the main point of interest for me anyway).

The new way of buying lodgings at the bazaar kind of makes me melancholic as my character, if I were to stay in character all times, is highly distrustful of the bazaar’s existence. Though none of the connections so far show any signs of anybody having grand plans to destroy currency from the world. Maybe after I hit PoSI the option will be there to pursue.

This is, I think, an interesting point on the world of the game: I think there’s deliberation to this. The Bazaar is everywhere.[li]