Economic Changes

So along with the winter content has come a few changes in the game’s economics. Item prices have changed, houses can now be bought at the bazaar. These have generally happened quietly, so if you notice one then mention it. For example, the rubbery man that constantly harasses anyone with a warm amber now offers trembling amber…for 100 warm amber![li]

A number of changes have been spotted in the Salons thread: I don’t think that one’s in there, though.

Is there any reliable source of Warm Amber other than running Corpsecage Island?

Murdering that rubbery man gives you ten.

So if you murder enough rubbery men, they’ll happily take the amber you stole off their corpses in exchange for more valuable amber? :p
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Yep! It’s a good system.

You can also get one from really low level packages of random. At least one of them (Planning a robbery with your gang) gives them REALLY OFTEN
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That’s just mean. :(

mean, but profitable :V
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After I engaged cat-catching and madness inducing trips to the Mirror Marches and the Forgotten Quarter, I’m slightly sad to find out that I need to grind for Glim and Romantic Notions now for the last two houses. Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep these Tales of Terror and Journal of Infamy handy for future stuff.

Glim is easy enough to find, but I’ve never found a good source of either &quotDrop of Prisoner’s Honey&quot or &quotRomantic Notion&quot. There are ways to get them, but only in smaller quantities. Even the usually generous Bundles of Oddities only give 10 x Drop of Prisoner’s Honey, which doesn’t quite compare to the value of the Warm Amber and Primordial Shrieks that come in similar bundles. Perhaps the fastest method for this would be to build Connected: Bohemian and &quotCall in favours at the Shuttered Palace&quot for Drop of Prisoner’s Honey and then turn those into Romantic Notions? Still not a fast method, though.

Apparently there are better sources of Romantic Notions for PoSI, but for me the Handsome Townhouse came up before PoSI was an option.

You can get 45 Prisoner’s Honey per action in the Empress’ Court through the Corruption of Youth. It doesn’t result in any menaces upon failure either, which is nice.

The best source of prisoner’s honey is “Doing the decent thing” at “Unfinished business in veilgarden”. It gives you 50 per action and even stolen kisses+80 honey as a rare success sometimes.

I think Gillsing is looking for methods for non-POSI.

[quote=Sara Hysaro]I think Gillsing is looking for methods for non-POSI.[/quote]Indeed.

And I have only dipped my toes into the Empress’ Court, so I didn’t try corrupting any youth, worthwhile as that seems to be. :)

Yep i can reccomend the court. It actuly locks around the time you become a POSI so thats perfect for you.

It only locks if you want it to lock. A lot of people like to keep it open until more happens with the Foreign Office, or until there’s a new way to get back into the Court.
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You don’t have to lock the court. I’ve been POSI for ages and still haven’t got around to that last story. If I am right you only need to do it if you want to open the Foreign Office and for some reason that doesn’t seem that urgent to me.

Same here - never locked. So far, so good. It’s convenient to have access, mostly for life of the mind.

I have taken note of the various plot progressions and why one might want to post-pone them. Why, I am delaying my University investigations indefinitely. We’ll see what happens on that front once I’m done preparing for the construction of a zubmarine. I like possibilities. They feel like freedom.

[quote=Blackleaf]Yep i can reccomend the court. It actuly locks around the time you become a POSI so thats perfect for you.[/quote]I fear I may have been unclear in my first post, but I already have my own Handsome Townhouse. I was merely concerned for anyone in Pyrodinium’s situation. Why, I remember paying for the Rooftop Shack by getting Romantic Notions from proposing an alliance between a Devil and a Child. I needed the Mysteries of the Elder Continent as well, to pay for a Cottage by the Observatory. Things have just become much less complicated now, it seems. ;)

I think the change in ways to purchase lodgings is a shame. It all seems a lot less atmospheric now.