Echoing text - title change workaround

This works in Chrome.

Pull up the Echo This window,[li]
Right click on the textbox, hit &quotInspect element&quot
You will see some code. The highlighted line will have a part that says Value=&quotstuff here&quot
Right click on that stuff, and click edit attribute. Change it to what you want Echoed.
Click out of the box, and click &quotEcho this to your journal&quot

So this will let you echo your own content to your Journal? interesting. May be illegal, but I can see it working.

No, you used to be able to change the title freely. I’m not sure why it was changed – I always assumed it was a bug. The title field still looks like an input box.[li]
edited by Little The on 7/6/2013

This workaround only lets you change the title as is the intent. The main text is display only and not input. I am not worried about utilizing the functionality as it seems to be used.

[color=#009900]Sorry about this, folks. We keep meaning to fix it, but we may hold on for the journal rework.[/color][li]

Alexis, can you give us any hints as to what the journal rework might entail? I’d really like to have a good way to see what I’ve already done (including the text next to the “Go” button), especially now that my old method of copy and pasting interesting bits to a text file has become extremely cumbersome.

Thanks, Theus - works like a charm.