EB Related - Something from Night Circus

[quote]A moment’s suspense

The sliver arcs out over the dark water and disappears. Did it strike the water? Did it vanish in mid-air?Above the surface, something flickers - dark-bright, like wet onyx in a glimmer of moonlight. It moves lazily back and forth. It’s much bigger than the quartz sliver was. Is it something entirely different? You can’t make it out. It’s winged and metallic-sheeny and in its wake, something like music disturbs the surface. It comes no closer. You watch until it’s gone.[Find out more about this place at www.fallenlondon.com[/quote]

…Huh. What’s that about? I have no idea what it is talking about… any keen scholars willing to put forward some nice, tantalizing speculation?

You didn’t catch a glimpse of the Vake, did you? Or possibly the Saint.

Huh. Is this related to the Bag a Legend ambition? I am doing Heart’s Desire and only know bits and pieces about other ambitions from my friend, so I guess it is safe to say I didn’t catch any glimpse of the Vake.

No idea about the Saint either, but thanks :)