Easiest way to get rid of a small Hell connection?

It seems my choices on this week’s Watchful update has drawn some unwanted attention. I’m at Connected 2 right now, which seems to be enough to draw &quotConsideration for Services Rendered&quot but not enough to play it (not that I’d want to other than to cut ties, anyway). Is there an easy way to get rid of Connected:Hell that (preferably) doesn’t involve working with them?

You could try to fail Robbing the Brass Embassy in the Flit. You will be sent to New Newgate but you don’t gain a criminal reputation.

That’s always an option, though I was hoping for something a little less drastic.

Go to the Singing Mandrake in Veilgarden and write a poem dissing the Grand Hunt, that’ll do the trick.

That’s a handy trick!

Wow, that’s like handing someone a nuke when they’re asking for a firecracker :)
edited by Kolanowski on 9/11/2015