Easiest way to buy some fate as a Xmas Present


I want to buy some fate for my daughter as a Christmas present. This seems like something that Failbetter would make easy but it’s not in the FAQ or listed anywhere I can find. Both of us play Fallen London. So do I buy it for myself and gift it inside the game? If so, where do I give it? If I buy it outside the game, where on the Failbetter site is that done?


There is a single card that lets you transfer 100 fate, but other than that exact amount, there isn’t any options I know of, sort of buying through her account.

You buy it inside the game on the fate tab up top. (If you are using the app it might be on the left side under fate). You would have to do this on your daughter’s account, as many social actions had to be deactivated temporarily due to problems with the app. I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed before Christmas, but you might be able to transfer it if you emailed failbetter about it.

a gift card has an option to gift 100 fate if I remember correctly. this is the wiki link for the option: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/The_gift_of_a_great_Fate_(100_FATE)
For this you will buy it for yourself and gift it ingame when you get the card or you can force draw the card by spending 1 fate.
Edit: though I am not sure if the option still works or not.
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Option doesn’t work yet, but FBG would help you transfer the Fate to another account if you make an inquiry at support@failbettergames.com.